Breaking into a garage

21 12 2010

I get amazed everyday, what I see…

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Shooting in Peoria & New diet pill may be approved

21 12 2010

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Wikileaks – the larger picture…

10 12 2010







Like most stories that grasp for short moments,  Wikileaks drama is being played out around the world and now the second phase seems to beginning to catching flare.   Loyalists (today..) are ready to take this so-called mis-fortune and turn it around for their chance @ tasting the pie.   The scary part is they seem rather confident in their ability to duplicate the same thing.   Publish sensitive material.

What I see as the larger picture:

  1. the ability to get the information {which challenges Security procedures in place}
  2. it exposes the potential hording of the masses to inflict their power.

Cyber attacks on numerous Commerce sites [rendering them useless] is exactly what these same sources fear in so-called Big Brother” theory camps.   The potential to lead innocent / blind / zealous / naive individuals down a path where their action (though good on the surface..) is disruptive, has always been the tool of  potential World Powers (not one has turned out to be any good for society or man-kind).

We would rather honor John Lennon’s 30th anniversary.  Though I would guess he would be proud..the people actually agreed on doing something together universally.  Which is a start….


Police Investigating Rash of Robberies

6 12 2010

You may have some info

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Webcam vs Video Surveillance

22 11 2010

Funny how using a Webcam is fun.  Bring in the wording Video Surveillance and everyone gets nervous. 

Santoag –    had a recent post addressing this.

Citywide Wireless Video Surveillance – How to Design a Network the Right Way

10 11 2010

Wireless Video is a nice concept.

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Why Top executives don’t particpate in Linkedin forums – TIME

4 10 2010

For myself, I do participate.  I might not always post a general comment for the world to take notice.  But I will send privately msg’s on posts of noteworthy.

The question of more professionals relates strongly back to the preconceived ideas of the value (if any…) one gets from Social Networking.  Time is the biggest consideration.   Second, the level of participates gets called into question. 

I’m not speaking about forums that basically “filter” the members, say Alumni schools or extensions of Professional Established Associations.   But generic groups which in this section are numerous to say the lease.   CCTV. IP Video, Surveillance and the ever growing list of new groups.   If there was some type of vehicle or tool that could at least measure the volumn of “thread” visits, we would have a starting point.

One area that is of concern is profile completion.  And the ability of suggested introductions actually being done.  Example:  if you’re in the same group as me, it’s easy to send an invite for connection.  If I come across someone that needs an introduction (from my network of connections) the % of acceptance drops.  A common response I get:”…I don’t know them well enough to forward this request…”   Hence this brings the second opportunity “Upgrading” “paying a fee” to be able to send In Mails to those perhaps outside of your network.  Maybe it’s just me, but paying a fee to perhaps have the ability to reach out to other professionals, rather questions Social Networking in general. 

What we find common is like tier individuals within a forum.  On occasion the threads are interrupted with “Reps” professing their product line/service.  Most of us are use to it with other Networking Groups, there always a handful looking to sell the group.  This is fine that’s their stick.  When the flow of ideas runs parallel and not up and down where is the growth?

Business today is very tough.  Those of us with tenure understand the concept of building a relationship takes TIME and effort.  Unfortunately, the business model of this sector is not about long term relationships, it’s about finding the next install.  With regards to security what does separate the tiers is the simple distinction between a “purchase” and “investment”.  Purchase addresses an immediate need; Investment looks at the long term. 

I reference the IT industry a lot.  Why because Security is an exact mirror of it.  How many years did it take for IT to come to grips with “upgrading” existing equipment on continual bases to take advantage of the new business tools available?   That alone is the key ingredient Uncle Bill brought to the table with Microsoft.  Each upgrade NEEDED a faster more robust system.   We’re currently seeing the beginning of this change with the infusion of IP Networks.  Many current providers of Analog will not make that transition because their model does not plan for investment in themselves.  There about razor thin margins and volume.  (We already know the outcome of that story path…)

Security is moving from the facilities side of the house to IT because of technology.  A total new business approach has to be applied.  Security once ear-marked as expenditure now has to don the new cloths of a “profit Center”.  Which means the ROI and expectations goes to a total different level.  Utilizing the system for other purposes like “generating” revenue.   Analytics is the first step.   But unless executives within these same organizations don’t get the concept and are not provided the tools to take advantage of the possibilities, nothing moves forward. 

Security manufactures are a big part of this mistake of focusing on product(s) and not 3rd party Applications that turn this raw data into usable information.   Ask any IT Director Worth his/her salt; it’s the APPs that changed everything in the IT world.  Remember the mirror…

Video Surveillance – where are the APPs?

27 09 2010

The mind set created in this Sector reflects that of Box pushers.  We all know surveillance is moving (if not already there…) toward IP.  Which in turn means Network Solutions.  Those of us from the IT world understand the real meaning – APPs will rule.

There is a big difference between capturing an event (security) and utilizing the data of the event. [Analytics] (Customer Service, HR, Production, Work flow, Predictive purchasing, etc…)

With analog dominating 80+% of the market place (focused on simple security…) it takes a different mindset (and skills…) to actually re-shape the landscape toward additional uses of Surveillance Systems.  With Platform solutions addressing compatibility issues vendor centric solutions are a thing of the past.  It does not matter what the hardware is.

We’re on the verge of seeing more 3rd party APPs developed that take this concept from idealism to reality.  As stated before, this is the same story played out in IT.  Once we got past PCs / then Servers, we focused on APPs that allowed us to make sense of the all the data we so happily love to accumulate.  Without a purpose/direction to why we collect this, creates a cost factor.

The problem – first there’s the skills set of IP, not a simple plug/play solution anymore.  It requires an investment from an integrator.  If the integrator is already involved with Network IP Solutions the move is easy.  Since the system was once a stand-alone it’s now on the Network, IT controls it, not Facility/Security Mgrs.  Second – if less than 10% of the market place has this opportunity where’s the ROI on the investment?  The challenge is understanding where the opportunities truly are.  If the integrators business model is based on Selling Price, they’ll never make the move to IP.  This reveals the 3rd problem – order takers vs selling solutions.  

Let’s get a little crazy here.  Why do 90% of these stand-alones (though they have loaded software on a hard-drive…) not capable of taking an additional APP that can enhance their system for the customer.  Reason – box pushers don’t have IT capability. 

 I know my future is with a Platform developer….unfortunately, integrators are not there yet

When forums turn into Sales Pitches…

24 09 2010

Unfortunately using the forums for guerilla marketing is far too common these days. Those willing to do so do are self serving exploiters of the forums with little regard for others dedicated to the spirit of the forums and lack comprehension of forum’s true value.
Do they honestly think we are not revenue driven? The reason we refrain from using the forums for whoring products is because of our dedication to our industry and love of sharing knowledge. Almost every one of us represents a company or product or is a regular user of these technologies. I admire the ones who truly contribute their experience and knowledge to help define and grow the technology.   Alan Waxenburg


The shame Alan is your right, to bad those that do agree turn right around a disregard the premise.   If they had any sense the post(s) in question would actually serve more purpose in a different place.  Like 

Each of us do have particular alliances because no-one can actually do them all.  But what is disturbing an underlining concept (especially here) [CCTV Video Surveillance..] of product centric solutions.   It is rare to see a thread that focuses on a solution without a product pitch.   

Can you image a thread that definded a solution w/specs vs product?

A camera should have {this} when the need of better images is questioned.   A VMS package should have {this} with editing issues.    A storage solution should have {this} when comparing historical data.  Analytics should do {this} when predictive measures are needed.   and so on…. returning to the basics and addressing the “needs”.

On the other hand when questions/discussions START with opinions on particular manufactures it just opens the flood gates.  It only over-shadows the tightening of the market an opportunities.  This procedure translates directly to a client, where their being sold a product vs a solution.  {masked by guerilla marketing techniques}

I’ve had more success when I present a solution with direct focus on the solution/result than the products I choose to accomplish the task.   When you focus on products – cost comes into the picture pretty fast.  Because that is something the nay-sayers can research.

My Experience / Goals w/LinkedIn

23 09 2010

When asked by a Search firm about my efforts / use of LinkedIn, my response: 

Surveillance is in the midst of an Industry upgrade to IP protocol.  Though the transition is slow (analog dominating 80+% of the market) the benefits of networked surveillance cameras manifest the additional benefits beyond Security.   Example:  Analytics which retail has long used to monitor buying patterns of customers by watching the path they take in a location.   This type of thinking is beginning to take hold within other organizations in terms of:  Customer Service, OSHA, Training, Production, and Shipping and not to mention Marketing (where Video is King).  They have the content, now what will they do with it.

Current status will not benefit my future unless I change with the changing environment.  I have the skills to design / deploy solutions; the industry doesn’t have certifications that are widely recognized.  IP on the other hand defers back to IT skills where Cisco, CISSP, NICET has value because the Surveillance system is now on the Network.  However Cisco (Router/switch), CISSP (data Security), NICET (electrical wiring).  Manufactures offer certification (for their products) because Dealers/VARs/Integrators need someone on staff to sell IP Solutions.  Again they are not cross-recognized in the industry. 

Next approach has been contacting manufactures with the goal of Channel Development Director/Rep.  Considering my background I do know what a channel is.  That challenge has not bore fruit yet.  Some don’t or have no intention of having a physical presence in Chicago / Midwest.  Others prefer working through Distribution or Market Rep firms that push product purchases through distribution.  Again, local presence of niche Distribution focused on surveillance/security is limited.  Market Rep firms again rely on 100% commission, which at present I cannot afford to peruse.

Another stream I’m tapping is the Independent Consultant Role, again the problem of clarity arises, positions are merely Tech geeks that have experience with particular product manufactures, considering the vast array of manufactures good luck with that one.

The role I seek a cross-breed between Project Manager / Business Process Mgmt.   Where by using my experience / skills understand the clients business (and how they do business) their needs / concerns / expectations along with educating them on what a REAL ROI is an Investment not a purchase.

Yes, I do participate in discussion groups.  Keeps me abreast of what’s out there in terms of solutions / products and the talent level of those that claim Soap-Box titles.  After a while you begin to realize some these cyber-folks really have no social skills.  I do continue to generate threads on Surveillance / Security in Groups “Outside” of the subject title.   Goal is to get the interaction of people that would be outstanding contacts, (mainly those outside my network) for that convenient business deal.  That has been my focus of late.  How do I tap the pool of members within a group when those particular members are not really active within the group?  Some (like the individuals job seeking) are still a little shy about opening up their door to anyone.  Not to mention some Companies still block SNs like LinkedIn because they don’t see or don’t want to see any value. 

My hunt continues – want to succeed for two reasons – Personal (of course) but to actually be an example for those to follow.  We have way too many SN / Media Network Specialist / Experts on the market claiming success.  Where in truth their only success is selling you that $29.99 package, which you sat next to the Internet Richs / Real Estate Wealth (I could go on…) Infomercials.

Thanks for asking….John

Village de-activates Red-Light Camera….

22 09 2010

The ongoing debat of whether Red-Light Intersection cameras actually help address Safety issues received some positive support this week.

Elk Grove Village,  IL has released a report showing crashs at one of the hottest intersections around has declined.  So much so they plan on deactiviating the camera to prove the point. 

This comes at a time when the opposition to these camera’s is hitting an all time high.   Cook County, IL  put in place a plan to make the camera’s more wide spread.  When opposition clearly was against the idea, a provision was put in place for Villages to “Opt Out”.  That list continues to grow.

Two organizations have stepped up their efforts in addressing this:

BAN the Cams   &  Campaign for Liberty

It will be interesting to watch these Groups continue to make efforts in voicing their position, especially during Election Campaigns.   You know the policital hawks are circling looking for voters to support their canidates.   And at this junction any group looks ripe for the picking.  

What is curious the debate ranges on if Safety is accomplished or $100+ fine is too automatic, no real compromising solutions have come to the table.   For example:  are the lease agreements with the providers too long?  (Some are 5 years)  Is the $100+ fine to much? [clearly in these times yes]

From a business point the payment actually pays for the equipment and monitoring services (which the municipal recieves a portion) which inturn generates funds which is badly needed.   And yes, the debate over the distribution of portions is hottely contested between Boards and Vendors.  Would anyone consider “lowering” the ticket to say $50 or even $25 if the data shows over a “short period” of time Safety has improved?

Some of you jump the gun and say “NO” deactivate them period.  I find that hard to swallow from a Group so bent on Liberty issues you quickly forget part of your responsibilities to the WHOLE is paying for services you take for granted:  Police/Fire/Emergence/Water/Streets/etc…  

Have or have not should not be the only choices, compromise is the basis of a democracy.  That is the underlining theme we must adhere to

Unemployed protest at IL GOP HQ 9-15 – Carole Ramsden

21 09 2010

Unemployment is at levels no-one benefits from, yet we see no relief in-site……

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Surveillance – if IP is the future, Analog dominates landscape

15 09 2010

 Todd Rockoff believes there is a choice overlooked.   As Chairman and Executive Director of HDcctv Alliance, his recent postings on numerous LinkedIn Groups bring to light not just an alternative but a solution directed at the confusion manufactures have laid out in promoting the development of IP.  

IMS predicted in 2004 that IP cameras would out-sell analog cameras by 2006 or so. It seems like that horizon moves out about one year every year. Similarly John Honovich predicted in November of 2009 that IP camera sales would exceed analog camera sales by 2012. I wonder how that’s going? If we continue to ignore the fundamentals, such predictions will continue to prove overly optimistic. While it is possible to fool some of the people some of the time, no amount of “education” is going to overwhelm the common sense of a predominance of end buyers.

As to alternatives for megapixel IP cameras: At least one HDcctv – IP encoder was demonstrated at IFSEC. This kind of device makes it possible to readily upgrade CCTV cameras, even those sitting 300m away from a control room, to deliver 2MP IP video into the surveillance network. Why extend the LAN all the way to the camera if you don’t have to?

Unlike other organizations the tend to address industries in general, HDcctv is actually focusing on some key issues that many still label “as un-proven technology”.   The question – when moving from analog to IP (an infrastructure investment) is this the only path when addressing better captured images.  No 


When the customer is Wrong?

14 09 2010

  Interesting  twist on something we don’t talk about enough – who is really right?

Customers sometimes forget we do have the right to choose who we do business with.

Turn your cover letter into a Post…

13 09 2010


A well rounded hands-on trained / design / deployment specialist of Video Surveillance Solutions.

From 4 camera/DVRs too multi-location networked systems. Professional appearance and demeanor to address even the toughest clients needs / desires / expectations.

Video Surveillance is moving forward in offering more complex solutions. From IP/HDcctv camera’s to NVR’s to expanding the use of Bio-metrics / Analytics on a platform that is capable of not only using current equipment but the ability to grow with the ever changing demands of Surveillance. This requires a Passion.


I not looking for a JOB. Looking to full-fill my desire to securing the Lives / Property / Assets of clients. Located within minutes of (2) major airports in Chicago, current Passport, traveling to on-sight projects is convenient. I know what I want to do.

Look forward to hearing from your organization and sitting down with the appropriate Personnel and submit my application.

John Feeney,   Glendale Heights, IL

Some People really need their own Social Network…

8 09 2010

One key component in developing your Social Network (i.e. Linkedin / Facebook / twitter/ etc…) is not only your connections but the quality of those connects.  More so when you participate in Group Forms and post.

At first you try and keep things simple, stay on topic yet not to soap box.   You always try an adhere to the rules of the group – language / direction / promoting products -services.   These general guidelines are “somewhat” overseen by the Group administrator or so we would think.  Often that is not the case.   Which leads to somewhat uncontrolable kaos.

This can be damaging.  Especially when the intent of your effort is to connect with a group of Professionals, share – perhaps learn and you slowly come to realize these same people are who I’m trying to avoid.  Not because the same subject can be posted through out 7+ similiar groups but these same individuals make an appearance bearing the same attitude.

One approach is actually “Hinding” the different groups you belong to.   Which is good from the point, to many, questions your reasoning when one views your profile.    The second: privately responding to individual post(s). 

Social Networking is about meeting new individuals.  Or in my case a True business connection to conduct potential business.   The challenge is finding a simple means of contacting potential prospects without the classic “PAY a Membership FEE” which doesn’t guaranty anyone would accept your polite solitation. 

There are many self-proclaimed Guru’s of Social Media.   I have only come across a few that can actually CLAIM success, that success is focused on selling the correct approach to SN.  Kind of reminds you of the Real Estate programs that flooded the market…

Some where in my journeys I will find the right vehicle, pose the right question and attract the right individuals, I so eagerly want to meet.  But truthfull if they don’t do anything except build a basic profile, don’t have any connections and don’t except msg’s…..I’m pretty much back to square one…

Jobs – who will get first crack at them?

7 09 2010

Just finished reading an article in a local paper addressing this subject:

Even with the President attempting to role out a Jobs creation program, many still question where these Jobs may be and what type of jobs /pay scale are we talking? 

In recent weeks I have visited numerous Job Fairs around Chicago land, noting not only the increase in participants(and familiar faces..) but the lack of quality opportunities.   This economy has hit everyone somewhere along the line.  And we have been sitting in this funk for some time with little or no signs of change that will make a difference. 

The artical forcasts the job sector to be divided into (2) catagories – 1 Highly skilled (educated employable) and second being low-wage.   This really begins to scare alot of us when Highly sought Skills (Law/Medical/etc..) were even Un-employed to begin with, yet though they have obtained the Masters (and beyond..) are these new positions actually old posts with lower pay scale.  (As a business your looking for the best value with minimal cost).  Which brings us to the other end of the scale – Low wage. 

You suck it up to take something, then what happens to your career?  Obviously you need money to live, but if the stress happens to double just because you take action, you start questioning your decissions.    Having the faith or belief this will turn around generally comes from those on the outside looking in. 

The one that hit me the hardest is my age group 45 – 55, too old to start something new, not old enough to retire, not educated enough to compete with the next generation for the SAME JOB.

Illinois Gaming Board Chairman Aaron Jaffe on video poker.

2 09 2010

This is from Nov / 09 …. Dupage County has sent a re-sounding NO and Opted Out of this state wide Law.   Sept 1, 2010 was supposed starting date when the board would start issuing licenses.   And we are a long way away from that happening….

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Is IP surveillance impacting the Security industry?

23 08 2010

This question was raised in the Video Surveillance Group on Linkedin:  my reply….

The impact: Awareness. There now is an actual path of progession. Mirroring such industries as IT, most were aware that advancements would bring options. Cost being an early deterent, is being replaced with needs.

Craig has a valued point we shouldn’t overlook. Current install base of Analog does dominate the landscape. A large % of these maynot see or need to jump right to IP. The question Craig asks: is the client actually a Networked Solution?

We’re slowly being handed options that make more sense (cost) in upgrading a current solution as the user(s) become more capable of understanding the benefits.

IP is not a replacement for Analog, it’s a better solution for enterprises that understanding the strains of managing a large network. Following Mitch Vine’s point, progression is the nature of the beast, though I don’t see it as a death march. Then again that will be determined by manufactures. Simon Carroll relates the big concern of Shared Network sources [storage, BW, etc] Which points to IT Depts becoming more involved with Security/Access Control. Unlike most, this challenges Organizational Charts of responsibility.

The key to IP is “USING” the benefits associated with it or should we say the “APPS” that allow us to create an ROI on the content collected. If all we see the system doing is monitoring or recording events it’s hard to argue the two platforms. Those of us from the IT world remember debating Pear to Pear Networking / to Sever based, everything changed once the Apps appeared, then decisions became much clearer. Being able to not only sharing the data but make use of it in helping an organization make better decisions.

IP opens the world to using Video content for more than just surveillance….

Receive FREE Composite Sketches For 60 Days

17 08 2010

SketchCop Facette Face Design System was designed to provide law enforcement with a cost effective solution when tasked with creating composite images during a violent crime investigations. Until now, the skill of creating a composite sketch was confined to a small group of individuals trained in pencil sketching criminal portraits. Their limited availability has created delays in disseminating valuable suspect information during an age where police and the public rely on ‘real-time’ information.   Company is allowing law enforcement to try the full version of our program FREE for 60 days with no obligation.  Contact:  Michael Streed –

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ADT캡스 TV광고 fy10

16 08 2010

Watching Korean TV, ADT appears on buildings in Soap Oprea’s….

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13 08 2010

This is why C-Stores need cameras above the counter.  

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Reporter on the Crime Scene

11 08 2010

Doing a live shot from a C-Store earlier robbed, seems they forgot the beer….

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Chicago’s Handgun Ban Comes to an End

10 08 2010

Downtown is going to get out of hand….

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ADT is in Korea – Media ad

7 08 2010

Notice how the Korea approach is Pro-Active

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ADT Caps TV cf, posted with vodpod


“You’ve Been Served”

6 08 2010

DuPage State’s Attorney Joseph Birkett – goes after 10 Gangs in Addison IL

full story…

Remote Home Automation Controller – ADT Pulse & Mobile Devices

5 08 2010

This will be expanded to Business Clients by years end

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Muskegon County law enforcement fight gang violence

30 07 2010

And you thought “Troops” were else-where? We’re asking way too much of our Police Community..

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Armed robbery of Tosa Toppers Pizza caught on camera

29 07 2010

Pass this along to anyone in the Wauwatosa, Wi

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What’s being robbed?

27 07 2010

Not sure?

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Oaklawn Robbery, posted with vodpod


AiPhone see who’s at the front door FIRST

22 07 2010

Why "SEE" whose's at the front door

  • Quick and easy install – Only 2 wires!
  • No handset to pick up
  • Compact, attractive design complements most interiors
  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) communication
  • High resolution color TFT LCD monitor
  • Includes single N/O door release contact
  • Camera station can be monitored from inside
  • All monitors turn on when camera station calls in
  • Wide angle camera allows user to view up to 170° of the entire entry
  • Camera view features digital PanTilt and Zoom
  • Entry can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed, even at night
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call-in
  • Camera can be manually adjusted to compensate for bright illumination
  • Picture memory records up to 240 images (JK-1MED only)
  • Securing an access door w/some Video Surveillance w/the added ability to control access w/out actually being in front of the door.

    Sales – It’s about Fishing…

    23 11 2009

    Every once in a while you have a day where rhythm, timing and just being in the right place has it’s rewards.   There’s hope…

    Saturday morning, getting prepared for Thursday & Friday 1:30 Alabama / Auburn.   Sun was shining, I started early, traffic was just starting so I was actually running ahead of schedule.  I stopped at a local fishing hole.

    Dupage County maintains numerous locations which I can say keep Bass Fisherman happy.  For the past year my favorite spot – Mallard Lake has been closed due to construction around the facility.  My fortune was coming across a Ranger, only they didn’t know either, “When it’s done ?”.  Which is true they have been doing good work.

    But it made me think – the fish (prospect) have been left alone, no fishing pressure, so by nature they surely are stacked in a couple areas.  Which may explain the recent decrease in other facilities.  The closing of Mallard actually put more traffic on the other locations.  (Why West Branch does not mirror Blackwell? Like that couldn’t make money)

    My thought, after posting on LinkedIn, maybe get some feedback from local fisherman.  I’m still surprised not many know about Mallard, which can be a good thing.  Walleye, Northern, Crappie, Gils, Cats, White Bass, BASS.   Something is always going on somewhere, bet on it….

    When I take a moment apply “business” to fishing, what area’s have been overlooked by my competitor?  Or are they even still around?

    Unless your line is wet, you have no chance or even getting a nibble.

    ANA Airlines – Business Class is 1st Class.

    20 10 2009

    Just returned from 6 days in Japan.  In the near future I’ll be posting pictures and commentary on my trip.  But first order of business…

    ANA Airlines  – anyone considering a trip to the East needs to put ANA on their Radar as a premier choice of Air Travel.   The best part, moving in & out of the terminals.   Picture this.  Considering Chicago has 5+ connections to Tokyo from numerous airlines.  ANA is the First one leaving and the First One arriving.   And anyone with International Travel experience, Customs can be a drag.   Not having to compete with other carrier passengers, takes the level of stress way down. 

    For me, seeing a fresh smiling face that exhibits a true since of wanting you to enjoy your flying experience just sets the tone for a good trip.    I look forward to upgrading my status with ANA Airlines and for once, encouraged to travel more.    It’s been awhile since a company could secure my business by actually providing something of real value – SERVICE

    Will 2016 Olympics be a wind-fall?

    23 09 2009

    Chicago lured 45M tourists who dropped $11.8B last year.  More than 45 million domestic and international tourists visited Chicago in 2008 and spent $11.8 billion, according to figures from the Travel Industry Assn. of America. Those visitors generated about $656 million in tax revenue for the city and state, and contributed to 132,000 local jobs.  Read More…

    Illinois HS Football – Wheaton South No 25

    2 09 2009

    Patrick Mooney

    This week Wheaton Warrenville South enters the National Prep Football Poll at No. 25 after a 34-26 win over Hinsdale Central. The poll, which has St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) ranked first overall, is distributed in part by the Associated Press.


    Locally, Naperville North remained seventh in the Chicago Sun-Times rankings, while Naperville Central moved up to No. 15.

    Louisiana Police – it better be yours!

    20 08 2009


    Investigators with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say an automated license plate recognition system (“ALPR”) alerted officers to a stolen vehicle in Harvey today.


    Unlike others that cram the cyber world as Big Brother theorist, this is a step in the right direction, for my safety and that of the officer.   Atleast now they will have a more legimate reason to pulling someone over.

    This posting was generated by a earlier conversation with Jill Konrath who’s blog: Selling to Big Companies caught my attention after she successfully hosted a Webinar in which over 800 people signed up, success indeed for a Social Network. 

    At which I sent Congrats!  
    Thanks John! It was fun to do. I try to make people think.

    <Gosh, you don’t ask much. When your able to propel them to accept responsibility please let me know the secret.>

    Jill’s response – Asking people to THINK and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY is simply too much for one human being to accomplish.   (Is this Environment of Big Companies?)

    Readers know I had to follow that…….

    That I believe is the challenge of Today.   Not just in business or Sales but everyday life and what it demands.   We cannot as a society continue to promote non-accountablity. This is one message the next (current) generation needs to get straight. To Think without Accepting Responsibility is not Thinking – it’s role playing an following a script. You end-up in a cycle of dis-satisfaction.

    And the connection to Camera’s?  Stops that process dead in it’s track.   Understand your responsibility BEFORE you THINK?  If you cannot you don’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle….

    Recruiters / Headhunters – Social Media

    3 08 2009

    Hamby Hutcheson,( , asked this question in LinkedIn Group – IntelliDrive , should they join the group?

    My Response – You can post opportunities in the Job Section. Especially those in Chicago.    The more the better, increasing the activity.

    If Chicago is granted the 2016 Olympics, the over population will exceed 3 million, throw another 1 million for the growing “Suburbs”. This town will be jumping. Grant Park – Obama accepts the Presidency, two terms later he is back in Grant Park Welcoming the World to Chicago, with a WHITE SOX’s cap on. Damn near Disney..

    The more the better, increase the activity.

    Comments must have some effort to stay on course. Public interaction is why there is a “Private Response” button.

    Inteligent Driving topic – will & does effect everyone. Especially when we seriously take advantage of the technology for the purpose of “SAFETY”.

    Having an on-board system to guide my travel is standard in new model vehicles. The question is how much information can we tap into. There is mapping and then Tracking.

    The consumers ability to take the lead in creating demand, is just starting. Success in Retail just has not made it, yet. On Line should recognize the opportunity an grab real estate. Tracking Providers better learn to sell their solutions On Line, anything less than 5 should be a shopping cart.

    With prices falling, who’s pulling the trigger?

    29 07 2009

    Graham Jesmer, Video Producer @ posted an interesting video highlighting the current challenges facing solar photvoltaic space.

    After experiencing explosive growth rates, this sector is finding it hard to maintain the pace.

    Put your Wind / Solar Installation on the Map

    23 07 2009




    has put together an interesting site that could use your input and help.    Besides the updated industry news, this new venture is also looking for guest columnist(s) that can bring a particular flair to subject(s) we need to address. 

    The one area I will direct your attention to is the MAP of Wind and Solar Instulation .   Some of you may be surprised at the amount of activity in your state, others need to support the sites effort and add additional installations to the MAP.   Like there’s no WIND in Alabama?

    50 New Jobs – $85 Million

    20 07 2009

    MYGreen Education and Career  :  That’s right the administation’s commitment to building the nations scientific work force.     So if you have a PHD, apply today with a letter of intent and submit your proposals by Sept.   Awards take place next year, $150,000 for 5 years.

    What the hell is going on here?  $85 million dollars so we can what?  help a PHD researcher tell us about an industry that is positioned to go no-where because of our dependence on Oil / Coal?

     You should hire a High School Math teacher – $150K (5 years) $750,000 x 50 Jobs is $37,500,000 is salary.  $47,500,000 in project funds?   To do what? 

    I’m scared to death to read who these 50 applicants will be.  You think in this ecomony I’m going to feel sorry for a professional “Student” that has an “Opinion”.   If your current Education level has not warrented you employment, what possible insight to a real world analysis could you offer Mid-Class America who has two jobs to hang-on to their home.

    And you voted for change?  Seems the same people benefited…

    Bemis Union Workers vote STRIKE – You freak’en crazy

    16 07 2009

    Terre Haute, IN  – Workers at Bemis voted to strike cause their upset over the planned “Health Risk Assessment” employees must participate.   Labor Relations Board feels the company failed to bargin in good faith.

    Why can’t someone picket / strike / the INSURANCE COMPANY that is behind this whole thing?   Convince me the agent DIDN”T tell the company where to save money?   The truth, they would rather insure clients that DON”T use Health Care Benefits.  

    But just the concept, regardless what the hell is going on, of Striking in this ecomony is this side of plain nuts.   Why don’t you people take a 200 mile drive NorthEast to Elkhart and get a real taste what BEING OUT OF WORK DOES FOR A COMMUNITY.

    Environmental Bankers Association (EBA)

    13 07 2009

    EBA_logo_mainMission Statement:    To protect and preserve bank net income and assets from environmental exposure and liability resulting from lending and trust activities through the employment of environmental risk management in the U.S. and worldwide.

    So now we address RISK in lending activities – we bailed you out why again?   Why do you believe “Going Green” is something you do internal?   I don’t see any financial arm stepping forward to finance any “GREEN” projects, someone help me with this.   My taxes went where / why? 

    Global Wind Day – Renewable Energy

    15 06 2009

    AWEA.Org – put together a list of Top 20 States Wind Energy Resource Potential.

    Just a one small note – Illinios is listed @ 16 where Indiana is no-where on the list.  Yet, as of today, Indiana has (3) working Wind Farms and (3) more to be operational by the end of 2009.

    North Dakato has the highest potential.   Considering the Indian population is the largest minority (just less than 6%),  wonder who has the highest potential to obtain “GRANT” money to develop this area…..

    Illinois Senate approves new Casino….

    1 06 2009

    Just what the doctor ordered.   With all the economic troubles, the concept of a “land-based” casino is coming closer to the truth for Chicago.   Notice how the measure was passed late “Saturday” night, Saturday?  When was the last time the Illinois senate did anything on a Saturday Night besides campaign dinners??

    Let’s hope Chicago gets to Host, 2016 Olympics.  This way we have a solution to generating money that many preceive will be lost.   The first major city outside Vegas, tell me the gaming industry is not looking forward to that opportunity….

    Home Solar Energy – 3 Ways To Save Money

    5 05 2009

    As the price of solar panels comes down and solar technology more efficient, solar energy is quickly becoming a way for the average family to save big on your monthly energy bills. Keep reading for 3 ways you can save money at home with solar energy.

    read more | digg story

    The underlining story that one must keep an eye on is the potential of “Storage” with excess amounts.   

    Schwarzenegger Wants Solar Panels on Every Commercial Rooftop  not only addressing the needs of alternative energy, but laying the foundation of creating “Grids”.   Picture a rual community that has an industrial park of say less than 15 businesses that deploy this.  If done right, this has the potential of generating revenue municipalities are in deperate need of.   Reverting back to the theme of self-reliance.

    Chicago Gets 1st Solar Powered Plugin Station

    9 04 2009

    CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carbon Day Automotive today announced the unveiling of the first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago. Located and operational at the City of Chicago Department of Fleet coulombMaintenance, it was one of the focal points of the recent IOC tour on April 5th, 2009 where guests were able to see the nation’s foremost Solar Plug-In Station™ that was designed to pave the way to fuel plug-in electric vehicles. It will be used daily by the City of Chicago to fuel the city’s electric vehicles with power from the sun. Carbon Day Automotive is the sole Midwest distributor for Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations. 

    read more | digg story

    NIN Releases App for iPhone

    8 04 2009

    Leave it to a band to “gather upon themselves what is their’s”, taking GEO tracking to the next level. Now if  we can put our thinking caps on….incorporate the idea with ones Social Network or Customer Base – and we’ll know what clients are thinking about us….scary

    read more | digg story

    Blackberry users get their own App Store – Computer Business Review : News

    2 04 2009


    Blackberry users get their own App Store – Computer Business Review : News

    And it’s about time.  For over a year RIM has been working with developers in creating apps.   One problem was sharing these or more to the point making them available to an OPEN environment.

    It will be interesting to see the competition heat-up between the two platforms.

    Posted using ShareThis

    Indiana steps forward with Wind Solutions

    18 03 2009

    wind_turbinesIndianapolis, IN, March 17, 2009 – Horizon Wind Energy has selected Bowen Engineering as the balance of plant contractor for the Meadow Lake wind farm in White County, Indiana. This 200 megawatt facility is the first of several wind farms Horizon is developing in Indiana.

    “Horizon is a leader in wind energy, and our team is pleased to work with such an outstanding firm,” said Bowen Operations Manager Dennis Ward. “Renewable energy, particularly wind energy, is in a growth phase. We are excited to see these technologies come to Indiana, and we are proud to contribute to sustainable power generation.”

    Bowen will begin work immediately, providing overall site coordination and logistics as well as constructing the turbine foundations and road improvements. A total of one hundred twenty one (121) wind turbine generators will be erected in farm fields and connected to a new electrical substation for integration into the transmission grid. The project will be completed by October, 2009.

    GPS Tracking – TELEMATICS a business solution not Big Brother.

    2 03 2009

    In recent months we have seen a growing concern among bloggers tapping into the “fear” factor of what Telematics is. Considering the bulk of these postings focus on the Conservative approach or lose of “Privacy” this approach could not be further from the truth. Telematics is a business solution that allows companies the opportunity too get the most out there fleet and drivers. Today’s economic climate pushes the limits of where companies can find dollars and in this case control “Lost dollars”.

    Recent national exposer of a traveling tax, [basically taxing you on the amount you travel] maybe a bit ex-stream. It only brings to light the need to create revenue with all the spending going on with the “stimulus Package”.

    Businesses cannot get caught up in the daily challenges of:

    • Family run business
    • Long term employees
    • Never saw the value

    Telematics is actually a Proficiency tool for your fleet of vehicles. Granted there are numerous solutions available on the market. With that said, it is more than obvious this technology is here to stay.

    Bloggers will continue too take advantage of “Big Brother” effect, many because they focus on anything that might generate traffic which is some cases (most) reverts back to the overall conspiracy theory.

    What few people realize, these same “bloggers” are no-more than basement dwellers on government programs in Section 8 housing. And we all agree how important they are to the growth of this country. What this brings to light: [THEY ARE THE REASON GPS VEHICLE TRACKING NEEDS TO BE DEPLOYED]

    The moral fabric of the American society is being challenged by these individuals who have nothing to offer unless they get a hand-out.

    8 06 2012

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    GO GREEN! LED Lighting and Other Initiatives

    1 12 2011

    GO GREEN! LED Lighting and Other Initiatives.

    Breaking into a Garage

    21 12 2010

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