My Experience / Goals w/LinkedIn

23 09 2010

When asked by a Search firm about my efforts / use of LinkedIn, my response: 

Surveillance is in the midst of an Industry upgrade to IP protocol.  Though the transition is slow (analog dominating 80+% of the market) the benefits of networked surveillance cameras manifest the additional benefits beyond Security.   Example:  Analytics which retail has long used to monitor buying patterns of customers by watching the path they take in a location.   This type of thinking is beginning to take hold within other organizations in terms of:  Customer Service, OSHA, Training, Production, and Shipping and not to mention Marketing (where Video is King).  They have the content, now what will they do with it.

Current status will not benefit my future unless I change with the changing environment.  I have the skills to design / deploy solutions; the industry doesn’t have certifications that are widely recognized.  IP on the other hand defers back to IT skills where Cisco, CISSP, NICET has value because the Surveillance system is now on the Network.  However Cisco (Router/switch), CISSP (data Security), NICET (electrical wiring).  Manufactures offer certification (for their products) because Dealers/VARs/Integrators need someone on staff to sell IP Solutions.  Again they are not cross-recognized in the industry. 

Next approach has been contacting manufactures with the goal of Channel Development Director/Rep.  Considering my background I do know what a channel is.  That challenge has not bore fruit yet.  Some don’t or have no intention of having a physical presence in Chicago / Midwest.  Others prefer working through Distribution or Market Rep firms that push product purchases through distribution.  Again, local presence of niche Distribution focused on surveillance/security is limited.  Market Rep firms again rely on 100% commission, which at present I cannot afford to peruse.

Another stream I’m tapping is the Independent Consultant Role, again the problem of clarity arises, positions are merely Tech geeks that have experience with particular product manufactures, considering the vast array of manufactures good luck with that one.

The role I seek a cross-breed between Project Manager / Business Process Mgmt.   Where by using my experience / skills understand the clients business (and how they do business) their needs / concerns / expectations along with educating them on what a REAL ROI is an Investment not a purchase.

Yes, I do participate in discussion groups.  Keeps me abreast of what’s out there in terms of solutions / products and the talent level of those that claim Soap-Box titles.  After a while you begin to realize some these cyber-folks really have no social skills.  I do continue to generate threads on Surveillance / Security in Groups “Outside” of the subject title.   Goal is to get the interaction of people that would be outstanding contacts, (mainly those outside my network) for that convenient business deal.  That has been my focus of late.  How do I tap the pool of members within a group when those particular members are not really active within the group?  Some (like the individuals job seeking) are still a little shy about opening up their door to anyone.  Not to mention some Companies still block SNs like LinkedIn because they don’t see or don’t want to see any value. 

My hunt continues – want to succeed for two reasons – Personal (of course) but to actually be an example for those to follow.  We have way too many SN / Media Network Specialist / Experts on the market claiming success.  Where in truth their only success is selling you that $29.99 package, which you sat next to the Internet Richs / Real Estate Wealth (I could go on…) Infomercials.

Thanks for asking….John


Re-Brand yourself – DVD Association did…..

19 02 2009

According to One to One (an online media publication), DVD Association has now become the IDMA (International Digital Media Alliance).  Reflecting the changing times, [with the arrival of Blu-Ray] even associations have to “up grade” their presence.

Visit their site  take the Blu-Ray Survey and fill out the petition, licensing is the issue of the day.


ASIS 2008 – Security Seminar

29 08 2008

The most common question we field on a daily basis is helping individuals understand the basic differences between Standalone DVR and a PC Based DVR card.

Just when you thought that could come down to some simple comparisons, the industry informs us that NO there are many different approaches. Anyone with the opportunity to attend this year’s event or better yet is serious about finding new solutions that are available to your particular need, should make every effort to attend this show.

Surveillance / Security / Access Controls / CCTV / Biometics and yes IT Security are all coming together at one main event to show case the new products and where the industry is headed.

The one event we have ear-marked is on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. The precise location will be Room C304 (Building C, Level 3) within the Georgia World Congress Center. Apple to co-host panel on future of video surveillance. As I have posted before on numerous other blogs and forums Apple has yet to open the gates for iPhone. Currently the majority of products run on a Windows platform an seem to be heading toward Open Source.

We bring this up as the main point of consideration when considering the type of solution you looking at. Will it be easy to upgrade the system in the “NEAR” future. Can multi-systems co-exist amongst each other? What is the real depth of “proprietary” solutions?

The basic limitations with standalones:

  • requires a Static IP for remote access – additional $30 a month from your service provider.
  • adding addition camera’s – not possible
  • browsers or menu’s used have limitations to type of control and viewing

PC Based solutions on the other hand:

  • use your current IP for remote access
  • additional camera’s – add a card
  • vendors are starting to open up the ability to work with different camera’s
  • real time recording and play back is far greater

The use of surveillance has taken on new meaning in todays business. What it needs to explore and market is an alternative use. The current task facing the industry is funneling multi-XML feeds to one control panel. This way no-one is tied to one particular vendor or camera. My concern is turning the process around. How many of you really know what turned Feedburner into a Google purchase. When they turned everything around and “PUSHED” feeds, the birth of Broadcasting.

We have not seen any results of Apple’s effort to stream live Olympics feeds and I doubt this seminar will provide any announcements pertaining to it. But what they have accomplished is creating a 2nd vehicle that will compete with main stream media. Let’s face facts, outside the US because the lack of cable infrastructure and land-lines in general, a cell is the most common used accessory, an Apple wants iPhone to be the choice.

After all these years of computers (PCs & Servers) finally getting narrowed down to a couple of name brands, Surveillance Security solutions show up with 10K vendors each clawing for their piece of this exploding market.    So don’t feel alone and confused, it’s my business of choice and I’m going bald…..

(Sat.) Aug. 30 8:00 p.m. ABC Sports Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta, Ga.)

Alnet Systems DVR Cards

10 06 2008

Each Alnet Systems Professional DVR Card provides the highest resolution video of any DVR Card; best remote access from PC, Laptop, PDA or even Cell-Phone; and best recording compression, with MPEG-4 with Delta Frames Technology. With the most advanced scheduler of any DVR Card, this DVR Card can be used to e-mail you with motion alerts between certain times, trigger recording based on audio, or even move PTZ Cameras or turn on lights when motion is detected*. This card is the best selection for Home and Business owners who want the highest quality video and remote access.

These Alnet DVR Cards are the only DVR Cards that will work with Onboard Video cards (in software rendering mode) and Dynamic IP broadband internet connections.

The only difference between the following Alnet Cards are the number of cameras the card supports, and the frame-rate the card displays and records:

Cameras Framerate
D-500 (PRO-4)
30 fps
D-700 (RT-4)
120 fps
D-600 (PRO-RT-16)
240 fps
D-650 (PRO-RTD-16)
480 fps
D-800 (PRO-RT-32)
240 fps
DSP-8 Hardware Compression
DSP-16 Hardware Compression
480 fps
DSP-24Hardware Compression
720 fps
DSP-32 Hardware Compression
960 fps

Surveillance Solutions – PC Based vs Standalone DVRs

9 06 2008

How do you choose between a Standalone DVR or PC-based DVR system? Generally this question should start with what features are you looking for. But in cutting to the chase, two particular points should not be overlooked:

Camera – Resolution / Remote Access (viewing)

There is a definite difference – most Standalones record at about 320×240 per camera. While PC Based Recorders can be up to 720×480 resolution. So it depends on how high of a quality you are looking for in the recorded images. Basic systems for home or small business a Standalone DVR would be a good choice.

The Remote Viewing capabilities are drastically different. Alnet System DVR Cards allow you to view your cameras remotely over a web page, through the included PC Remote Client Software over a PDA Phone or PDA with internet access, or even a Windows Smartphone. in Naperville, IL has been helping area home owners and businesses tackle these very same issues, without the $10K price tag.