AiPhone see who’s at the front door FIRST

22 07 2010

Why "SEE" whose's at the front door

  • Quick and easy install – Only 2 wires!
  • No handset to pick up
  • Compact, attractive design complements most interiors
  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) communication
  • High resolution color TFT LCD monitor
  • Includes single N/O door release contact
  • Camera station can be monitored from inside
  • All monitors turn on when camera station calls in
  • Wide angle camera allows user to view up to 170° of the entire entry
  • Camera view features digital PanTilt and Zoom
  • Entry can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed, even at night
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call-in
  • Camera can be manually adjusted to compensate for bright illumination
  • Picture memory records up to 240 images (JK-1MED only)
  • Securing an access door w/some Video Surveillance w/the added ability to control access w/out actually being in front of the door.


    Guns & Roses living up to their name…

    2 09 2008

    A 27-year-old blogger was arrested and released on $10,000 bail after being accused of streaming songs from the unreleased Guns N’ Roses album “Chinese Democracy” on his web site without permission.

    Kevin Cogill, also known as Skwerl, uploaded the songs onto his Antiquiet web site in June for all visitors to hear. Shortly there after he received a cease and desist letter from Guns N’ Roses lawyers, and then reportedly removed the songs from his web site. His web site reportedly crashed due to the heavy server load from visitors heading to the web site to listen to the unreleased tracks.   (more……)

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    ‘Good’ Pirates what a concept….

    25 03 2008

    If you are downloading stuff you wouldn’t have bought in the first place, according to economist Karen Croxson, you are probably doing the company that owns the product a big favor. You, Mr ‘Good’ Pirate, are telling your friends, adding to the media ‘buzz’ and driving up sales. Of course, but that requires forward thinking and really applies too those products that need a market or niche presence. We here have always believe that good mixure of both strategies leads to success or in this case exposer..

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    RIAA: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

    7 02 2008

    Internet filtering suffers from a fatal flaw: it can’t filter what it can’t understand. If P2P protocols adopt encryption, filtering will lose much of its effectiveness, and the RIAA boss knows it. His solution? Move the filter onto your PC. We still find this attitude unacceptable.

    Arguably content providers agree filters should be in place and yes all the way down to the users unit (modem). Following the idealism of this, when does advertisment cross the line. Having control of what is deemed acceptable content challenges the fundamental concept of an Open Neutral Internet. This type of monitoring applied to users’ without their acceptance[hence “homeland security”], or the possible idea without it, content will be blocked, should signal the people need to wake-up. But since most don’t want the burden of “responsibility” they just cave into what they are told is for their own good. RIAA has the position of protecting copyrights, we agree. But not at the expense of treating all users’ as incapable of being responsible. I’ll agree to filtering for copyrights, but not until you also allow me control of “Unwanted” ads. And that includes my cell/Smart Phone.

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    European Court Decides FileSharing is a Civil offense.

    29 01 2008

    File-sharers were given a huge legal boost today, European Court of Justice declared that EU law does not allow ISP providers be forced to reveal the personal details of people accused of file sharing. Now the question is will someone follow this lead here in the US. Or will the RIAA open up its wallet an just pay for the info.

    We still have not seen any results from Oregon an the tactics(RIAA) used on college students. Which the State’s Attorney General called into question….

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    Who is partner with Who here?

    17 01 2008

    AT&T ready to become Internet cop by ZDNet‘s Richard Koman — So Comcast says it is not blocking but slowing certain kinds of traffic in order to preserve the viability of its network. As a cable provider, Comcast is much better able to offer downstream bandwidth than upstream, therefore mostly what it blocks is upstream peer-to-peer traffic, primarily BitTorrent. Even if you accept the argument that Comcast […]

    Oregon Attorney General demans disclosure of RIAA’s methods

    3 12 2007

    I’m a little shocked it took so long for this action to come forward, an from Oregon no less. The University of Oregon like all said places of learning does a have an obligation to protect it’s students/facility and members. Like most forward thinking areas of life a university always encouraged freedom, yet RIAA has been pretty successful at scare tactics with other know places. It’s about time someone took up the question of discovery.

    Anti-Piracy advocates continue to focus on small meaningless targets. Either to add merit to their cause or in most cases collect from someone who is just wants them to go away, bully tactics. But the university has a point here, spying on students? Of course, RIAA’s response smoke screens the idea like their looking out for the students best interest and security.

    The problem I have with all this is simple. University of Oregon should rally the troops, not just on their campus but the entire state of Oregon. RIAA watch dogs need to have the rope tightened or put them in a different yard. There focus may have merit, but the methods they employ on the targets they choose has too be called into question. Better yet, they are violating something here…..

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