Citywide Wireless Video Surveillance – How to Design a Network the Right Way

10 11 2010

Wireless Video is a nice concept.

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Is IP surveillance impacting the Security industry?

23 08 2010

This question was raised in the Video Surveillance Group on Linkedin:  my reply….

The impact: Awareness. There now is an actual path of progession. Mirroring such industries as IT, most were aware that advancements would bring options. Cost being an early deterent, is being replaced with needs.

Craig has a valued point we shouldn’t overlook. Current install base of Analog does dominate the landscape. A large % of these maynot see or need to jump right to IP. The question Craig asks: is the client actually a Networked Solution?

We’re slowly being handed options that make more sense (cost) in upgrading a current solution as the user(s) become more capable of understanding the benefits.

IP is not a replacement for Analog, it’s a better solution for enterprises that understanding the strains of managing a large network. Following Mitch Vine’s point, progression is the nature of the beast, though I don’t see it as a death march. Then again that will be determined by manufactures. Simon Carroll relates the big concern of Shared Network sources [storage, BW, etc] Which points to IT Depts becoming more involved with Security/Access Control. Unlike most, this challenges Organizational Charts of responsibility.

The key to IP is “USING” the benefits associated with it or should we say the “APPS” that allow us to create an ROI on the content collected. If all we see the system doing is monitoring or recording events it’s hard to argue the two platforms. Those of us from the IT world remember debating Pear to Pear Networking / to Sever based, everything changed once the Apps appeared, then decisions became much clearer. Being able to not only sharing the data but make use of it in helping an organization make better decisions.

IP opens the world to using Video content for more than just surveillance….

Remote Home Automation Controller – ADT Pulse & Mobile Devices

5 08 2010

This will be expanded to Business Clients by years end

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NIN Releases App for iPhone

8 04 2009

Leave it to a band to “gather upon themselves what is their’s”, taking GEO tracking to the next level. Now if  we can put our thinking caps on….incorporate the idea with ones Social Network or Customer Base – and we’ll know what clients are thinking about us….scary

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Blackberry users get their own App Store – Computer Business Review : News

2 04 2009


Blackberry users get their own App Store – Computer Business Review : News

And it’s about time.  For over a year RIM has been working with developers in creating apps.   One problem was sharing these or more to the point making them available to an OPEN environment.

It will be interesting to see the competition heat-up between the two platforms.

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The Jettsons was not just a cartoon….

27 02 2009

CBR Mobility yesterday sent me a feed:  Dr Pepper Snapple deploys TeleNav Track

Dr Pepper Snapple Group, said they saved over $166,000 because of their ability to accurately track employees’ hours worked and mileage traveled.    Talk about addressing user reaction.  

sweepstakes_rolloverOn my side of the house utilizing Vehicle Tracking services comes up against “Driver” reaction which may have some value when addressing employees that have been with you for sometime or even a “family” run business.  The initial reaction calls into question the “trust” factor.  These same individual companies need to read how an organization the size of DR Pepper moved pasted that.   There effort was ineffect focused on the “Moble” work force.  Companies that utilize trucks/vans in deploying their services, (especially when the vehicle is taken home with the operator) should focus on the fact it’s a capital assest period.

Though cellular solution(s) provide tracking ability your still relying on individuals to step-up-to the plate and turn them on.   What many forget is Telecoms never ending ability to change programs once they gain volumn acceptance.   Take note, don’t be surprised come later this summer we see changes to these $10/$20 application.

Texting While Driving Banned in California

20 01 2009 Effective Jan. 1, texting while driving is banned in the State of California.

Though some see this a blow to the mobile industry, is should be a rally cry.  Hands-Free manufactures must be rejoiceing with “it’s about time”, yet our public officials (Law Enforcement) still wonder, how do we enforce it.

Either way, Telematics will lead the way in Safety Issues facing the Auto Industry.   By replacing the terminology of “tracking” with “safety” we can move forward developing a new era.   But that is getting a little ahead of ourselves.

People’s habit’s have to change and California being the most “Liberal” state in our union at times is not the example I care to follow.   Why?  I have yet to see a “Law” they inspire that doesn’t have a hugh back-lash, reminder when they de-regulated the power Utilities.    

How do they plan on addressing the coming new trend of CAR Vehicle Surveillance Cameras?