With prices falling, who’s pulling the trigger?

29 07 2009

Graham Jesmer, Video Producer @ RenewableEnergyWorld.com posted an interesting video highlighting the current challenges facing solar photvoltaic space.

After experiencing explosive growth rates, this sector is finding it hard to maintain the pace.


Put your Wind / Solar Installation on the Map

23 07 2009




has put together an interesting site that could use your input and help.    Besides the updated industry news, this new venture is also looking for guest columnist(s) that can bring a particular flair to subject(s) we need to address. 

The one area I will direct your attention to is the MAP of Wind and Solar Instulation .   Some of you may be surprised at the amount of activity in your state, others need to support the sites effort and add additional installations to the MAP.   Like there’s no WIND in Alabama?

Global Wind Day – Renewable Energy

15 06 2009

AWEA.Org – put together a list of Top 20 States Wind Energy Resource Potential.

Just a one small note – Illinios is listed @ 16 where Indiana is no-where on the list.  Yet, as of today, Indiana has (3) working Wind Farms and (3) more to be operational by the end of 2009.

North Dakato has the highest potential.   Considering the Indian population is the largest minority (just less than 6%),  wonder who has the highest potential to obtain “GRANT” money to develop this area…..