Surveillance – if IP is the future, Analog dominates landscape

15 09 2010

 Todd Rockoff believes there is a choice overlooked.   As Chairman and Executive Director of HDcctv Alliance, his recent postings on numerous LinkedIn Groups bring to light not just an alternative but a solution directed at the confusion manufactures have laid out in promoting the development of IP.  

IMS predicted in 2004 that IP cameras would out-sell analog cameras by 2006 or so. It seems like that horizon moves out about one year every year. Similarly John Honovich predicted in November of 2009 that IP camera sales would exceed analog camera sales by 2012. I wonder how that’s going? If we continue to ignore the fundamentals, such predictions will continue to prove overly optimistic. While it is possible to fool some of the people some of the time, no amount of “education” is going to overwhelm the common sense of a predominance of end buyers.

As to alternatives for megapixel IP cameras: At least one HDcctv – IP encoder was demonstrated at IFSEC. This kind of device makes it possible to readily upgrade CCTV cameras, even those sitting 300m away from a control room, to deliver 2MP IP video into the surveillance network. Why extend the LAN all the way to the camera if you don’t have to?

Unlike other organizations the tend to address industries in general, HDcctv is actually focusing on some key issues that many still label “as un-proven technology”.   The question – when moving from analog to IP (an infrastructure investment) is this the only path when addressing better captured images.  No 





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