Some People really need their own Social Network…

8 09 2010

One key component in developing your Social Network (i.e. Linkedin / Facebook / twitter/ etc…) is not only your connections but the quality of those connects.  More so when you participate in Group Forms and post.

At first you try and keep things simple, stay on topic yet not to soap box.   You always try an adhere to the rules of the group – language / direction / promoting products -services.   These general guidelines are “somewhat” overseen by the Group administrator or so we would think.  Often that is not the case.   Which leads to somewhat uncontrolable kaos.

This can be damaging.  Especially when the intent of your effort is to connect with a group of Professionals, share – perhaps learn and you slowly come to realize these same people are who I’m trying to avoid.  Not because the same subject can be posted through out 7+ similiar groups but these same individuals make an appearance bearing the same attitude.

One approach is actually “Hinding” the different groups you belong to.   Which is good from the point, to many, questions your reasoning when one views your profile.    The second: privately responding to individual post(s). 

Social Networking is about meeting new individuals.  Or in my case a True business connection to conduct potential business.   The challenge is finding a simple means of contacting potential prospects without the classic “PAY a Membership FEE” which doesn’t guaranty anyone would accept your polite solitation. 

There are many self-proclaimed Guru’s of Social Media.   I have only come across a few that can actually CLAIM success, that success is focused on selling the correct approach to SN.  Kind of reminds you of the Real Estate programs that flooded the market…

Some where in my journeys I will find the right vehicle, pose the right question and attract the right individuals, I so eagerly want to meet.  But truthfull if they don’t do anything except build a basic profile, don’t have any connections and don’t except msg’s…..I’m pretty much back to square one…


Whisky – Going Green?

23 01 2009

whiskyBusiness Green – That’s right Scottist Distillers have taken the term ‘Environment Friendly” to the level even I can understand.   An the local government was happy to endorse their efforts.

The plan calls for expanding the ideas toward using by-products for other sources.   A Whisky based envirnoment, what a dream come true…. 

Someone send a message to Kentucky and Tennesse.

Chicago – most stressed city – No kidding?

19 09 2008

Those of you (in chicagoland) drying out from last week’s late season rain, coupled by the endless construction on the highways with the first month of kids back-in-school, certainly understand stress.

Gas prices, all over the map from $4.10 (today) to whatever.  Unemployment figures keep inching higher, foreclosures in Kane County still rising.  Bensenville about to be eliminated with the exspansion of O’Hare.  What else could happen…..

Tomorrow I just plan on taking a break from everything and go fishing all day with my wife.  The picture you notice on the top is actually that of Meacham Grove in Bloomingdale, IL   With the rains we when through our garden an dug up plenty of worms for our little get-away adventure.   Plenty of bluegil, bass, catfish to keep us happy and busy till sun goes down…

One interesting note, here @ wordpress the blogs of note are changing.  Changing in the fact the content or story lines are becoming more “Social”.  Religion, health, family which is fine but obviously this pushes me to seek other outlets.  

Blogs about “business” and the Buisness of Social Networks are being swallowed by traffic driven events like your cat or which God saved the life this week.   Which only verifies the fact people are using blog to escape the Stress from their normally mondain life.  

Which is why I’m going fishing…..

Equinox – more than just astronomy

17 09 2008

Sept 21, 15:44 is this falls Equinox.  This event is celebrated by many cultures and religions around the world.   My for me, it’s an opportunity to offer my sincere heartfelt appreciation too my deceased relatives and family. 

Called Higan-e Ceremony Nichiren Shoshu Temples conduct this ceremony twice a year.    The merit in participating in this ceremony is two fold: 

·         Enables the deceased person to be relieved of their sufferings

·         The person requesting the Toba tablet is also endowed with the full merit of the True Law

Because the deceased must rely on the efforts of those still alive, this is a tremendous opportunity for me to pay back the amount of gratitude they have planted in my life.   Seldom do we have a chance in this lifetime to help our deceased relatives achieve greater happiness in the next.