ADT is in Korea – Media ad

7 08 2010

Notice how the Korea approach is Pro-Active

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GPS Tracking – Driver’s React

12 12 2008

My recent endeavor into Telematics (GPS Vehicle Tracking) is providing one of the most challenging aspects in terms of understanding how the industry  view’s  the market &  how the market (Users/drivers/employees) see’s the industry.    There is a clear distinction.

Tracking – this word alone needs to be addressed and changed to something less suggestive or non intrusive.    More along the lines of performance enhancement or proficiency generator,  less focused on “monitoring”  but I’ll leave that to the English/Journalism MBA’s .

Wanting a better feel to potential objections I posted this question on some forums:

 Driver/Employee Reaction….

The biggest hurtle owners have with Vehicle Tracking units is driver reaction…

  • don’t you trust us
  • family member
  • long term employee
  • why you watching me

From a managerial point, utilization of the fleet or getting maybe one/two more jobs a week is the real point. Obviously, using a cell is the standard solution.

But I want to hear from u…


I was not disappointed in receiving responses.   First,  sending a text msg to a driver should also include directional mapping to locations.   Second, drivers reacted in the same fashion typical of those we experienced in IT (monitoring email or blocking Social Networks) and HR with Security cameras.   Third, dispatchers need training on the proper use of the system.   Not in functionality, but usage in addressing a company’s objective and goals.

Universally, each addressed better employees.   Along the lines that would eliminate the need altogether.    Some owners weighted in understanding what a ROI should or could achieve.   And positioning yourself to get one or two extra jobs a month can basically change any business.

But the one that really caught my attention, “….I have seen a few companies in our area try it and by year two it was out of their vehicles. Obviuosly it doesn’t work as well as they are sold.”   

Hello, that begs the question of retention or more to the point, what is the vendor/user relationship after the units are installed.    Let’s also consider, this technology has come along way in the last 30 months and where it’s headed is nothing short of NASA.

Most blog’s addressing GPS Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management focus on presenting  “their” solution.    Which rightfully so they should.   But they seem to miss the audience attention because the postings center around the product and not the user.    Today’s tough market conditions provide enough managerial challenges.   Creating another- “ Driver Reaction” just has no room on the plate.

GPS Tracking – not a Option?

7 11 2008

This story appeared in CNet – Dec 2005….

From the article “state says the GPS bugs must be made tamper proof and the vehicle should be disabled if the bugs are disconnected” AND “No policy bans police from automatically sending out speeding tickets based on what the GPS data say.”

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Mandating GPS tracking on vehicles does push the boundaries.  When the concept an “outside” source would have the potential to “tap into” this recorded data under the mask of Public Safety, the question of “Self” responsibility has to be asked. 

These ideas only dampen the growth of this new market.   There has to be a clear line between “personal” and “business”.  Using the technology to better control a fleet, lower operation cost along with improving the overall functionality and re-defining a Dispather, should still be a choice business owners can or cannot deploy.   As far as the general “public”, don’t even get me going….

Though I do agree that any municiple vehicle should be.   How many times do stories hit the headlines of abuse.  Another words, clean up your own yard before you start pushing your ideas on me.

Flint MI – Ad Spots on Surveillance Cameras

1 08 2008
Flint Journal

Flint Journal

a story crossed my RSS Feed on Flint, Michigan’s plan to sell advertising space on Surveillance Cameras. As out-of-place as it may seem, you have to give credit to the supplier and city officials efforts to off-set the cost of a project neither have the money to deploy.

$30,000 is the asking price. Don’t be discouraged they also have addressed a lower-rate scale for the more budget minded and thinking of adding a PayPal link to a web page for donations.

Advertising the Surveillance box does throw a twist to be looked at from a different angle. If a intersection has a McDonald’s, WaMU bank, & BP Gas station on the corner, would that influence the “placement” of such units? We’re talking Tax Breaks here….(no-one has signed on as of yet) One location on main street, where the city parades and festivals gather, could fetch this type of fee?

Is sponsorship limited to only “local” merchants? Flint’s sister city, Changchun China may want a camera?

Finding creative ways to pay for public services has always been a challenge. With Ad spots, you have to give some kind of ROI, associated with sponsoring cameras – that has got to be a world class sales pitch.

Chicago Olympics on your iPhone?

31 07 2008

Dan Butterfield has been keeping us updated on developments in China and their handheld market, which is going into hyper-drive with 08.08.08 just next week.   Good reading….

Cannot say the same for ZDNet blog: Between the lines Tom Steinert-Threlkeld’s recent post Tech `tips’ for Beijing visitors, left me wondering when did a technology blog turn to social awareness.  So I drop them a line.

It is obvious Dan and Tom (more Tom) don’t know each other.   Each Olympic venue since the 1900’s has been a catalyst of new ideas and technology aimed at giving benefit to the world, 2008 is no exception.   With suveillance camera deployment taking the highlights, it becomes lost a potential new break through in broadcasting is within our grasp – streaming video from surveillance over handheld units.

The content here is simple.  Alternative use for surveillance cameras in a positive direction.   Streaming video is not new, but we now have a new source.   One that needs to be explored by individuals with better intentions than just finding criminal activity.

Chicago has the greatest lake front of any major city in the world, parks second to nobody and a surveillance infrastructure to boot.   Alder Planetarium for a couple of years had webcams outside the facility where the public could log into and actually control the cameras and look up and down the lake front.  From Navy Pier, along Michigan Ave, even Sundays we could watch the tail-gaters for Bears games.   All this came to an end for obvious reasons.

China is considered #1 for surveillance,  London (2012 host) is considered 2nd,  Chicago (still in running for 2016) is laying claim to 3rd.   Olympics needs to be broadcasted on the one vehicle everyone outside the US has, handheld devise.   You know the wheels are turning in Chicago, cause it’s Chicago, utilizing the surveillance infrastructure as a feed (for sale mind you).   The networks could never lay claim to anything like that.   I can see the alderman now laying claim to their neighborhood’s and selling the feed.

You see me, I see you

22 07 2008

Digital Stalker: NEC display knows your sex, age and shopping habits – big thanks to for posting this…..and for showing me the link

Must be on the right track, knew it would start with advertising.

Of course the comparison between Britain’s CCTV and a Orwellian nightmare make nice headlines. But some of us look to the more positive side, expanding the interactive possibilities. Already are aware of the traffic surveillance major stores already have in place, Merchandisers fight for that “prime” real estate.

Having an image identify and point you in the direction of your next potential purchase does open the mind to endless possibilities. First – the display unit has no size limitation big or small. Second – additional revenue can be generated, advertisement fee. Third – taking to the street an pulling them in, say Window shoppers.

How about a car dealership. Some of these lots are endless in sight with thousands of choices. Personally I would rather talk with an image than a Salesperson. Tell me that doesn’t sound scary……

Police State 2.0 – China’s Surveillance Lab

16 07 2008

China’s All-Seeing Eye – installing over 250,000 CCTV units by 2010

This article was overlooked by many until yesterday when Naomi actually re-printed a post on Her insight into the current status of this experiment addresses many issues, but instead of feeding the others so bent on the negative side of things lets present the other side.

“Shenzhen. The result was a city of pure commerce, undiluted by history or rooted culture — the crack cocaine of capitalism.”

Where else on the planet can the exploitation of surveillance thrive? Or in this case a “LIVE LAB” be found. The opportunity for manufactures to freely develop and prefect the technology cannot be found anywhere else.

This is Capitalism – taking advantage of situations especially when the government is whole-heartedly behind the effort, Right or Wrong. No-one agrees with the policies or Human-Rights issues when MONEY is involved. Regardless of the statue the come back is simple: are they living a better life 30 years later? Seems so….

The problem I have, this “Golden Shield” theory will encompass the free world and isolate the people. (we must be blind goats) Why not just join the growing number of individuals around the world that believe in the New World Order an live in fear the rest of your life – what a waste of time.

“The local people want to make money from migrant workers, but they don’t want to give them rights. But why are the local people so rich? Because of the migrant workers!”

Welcome to Immigration Rights – the bloodiest political issue facing American’s today. China doesn’t even have characters in their language that address this, the seed of democracy has been planted.

Chinese viewers also saw a world unsympathetic to the Chinese victims of Tibetan violence.

The power to edit video content, what a concept. The big break through – using the internet to “broadcast” the captured images. In a twist giving Police a major tool, is that not what it was intended for?

Pixel Solutions, was focused on consumers — taking class photos at schools, turning photos of chubby two-year-olds into fridge magnets and lampshades.

Here in the West we call it KODAK. Listen carefully the hallways are of full ideas toward a national ID card – remember the Health Care Plan (Hilary).

The main project of installing over 250,000 cameras is something the world needs to take note of. With government backing this county can create a needed new industry that can put people back to work. We did it with Aerospace why not duplicate the same concept. Villages and cities across this great nation are embracing surveillance and each are beginning the learning curve as to the responsibility they accept when deploying. True leadership will be demanded. I for one still have faith in the people too correctly administer this technology. That is the issue, the power of money does create greed an all the evils associated with it.


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