Louisiana Police – it better be yours!

20 08 2009


Investigators with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say an automated license plate recognition system (“ALPR”) alerted officers to a stolen vehicle in Harvey today.


Unlike others that cram the cyber world as Big Brother theorist, this is a step in the right direction, for my safety and that of the officer.   Atleast now they will have a more legimate reason to pulling someone over.

This posting was generated by a earlier conversation with Jill Konrath who’s blog: Selling to Big Companies caught my attention after she successfully hosted a Webinar in which over 800 people signed up, success indeed for a Social Network. 

At which I sent Congrats!  
Thanks John! It was fun to do. I try to make people think.

<Gosh, you don’t ask much. When your able to propel them to accept responsibility please let me know the secret.>

Jill’s response – Asking people to THINK and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY is simply too much for one human being to accomplish.   (Is this Environment of Big Companies?)

Readers know I had to follow that…….

That I believe is the challenge of Today.   Not just in business or Sales but everyday life and what it demands.   We cannot as a society continue to promote non-accountablity. This is one message the next (current) generation needs to get straight. To Think without Accepting Responsibility is not Thinking – it’s role playing an following a script. You end-up in a cycle of dis-satisfaction.

And the connection to Camera’s?  Stops that process dead in it’s track.   Understand your responsibility BEFORE you THINK?  If you cannot you don’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle….


Recruiters / Headhunters – Social Media

3 08 2009

Hamby Hutcheson,( Smart-Travel.com) , asked this question in LinkedIn Group – IntelliDrive , should they join the group?

My Response – You can post opportunities in the Job Section. Especially those in Chicago.    The more the better, increasing the activity.

If Chicago is granted the 2016 Olympics, the over population will exceed 3 million, throw another 1 million for the growing “Suburbs”. This town will be jumping. Grant Park – Obama accepts the Presidency, two terms later he is back in Grant Park Welcoming the World to Chicago, with a WHITE SOX’s cap on. Damn near Disney..

The more the better, increase the activity.

Comments must have some effort to stay on course. Public interaction is why there is a “Private Response” button.

Inteligent Driving topic – will & does effect everyone. Especially when we seriously take advantage of the technology for the purpose of “SAFETY”.

Having an on-board system to guide my travel is standard in new model vehicles. The question is how much information can we tap into. There is mapping and then Tracking.

The consumers ability to take the lead in creating demand, is just starting. Success in Retail just has not made it, yet. On Line should recognize the opportunity an grab real estate. Tracking Providers better learn to sell their solutions On Line, anything less than 5 should be a shopping cart.

GPS Tracking – TELEMATICS a business solution not Big Brother.

2 03 2009

In recent months we have seen a growing concern among bloggers tapping into the “fear” factor of what Telematics is. Considering the bulk of these postings focus on the Conservative approach or lose of “Privacy” this approach could not be further from the truth. Telematics is a business solution that allows companies the opportunity too get the most out there fleet and drivers. Today’s economic climate pushes the limits of where companies can find dollars and in this case control “Lost dollars”.

Recent national exposer of a traveling tax, [basically taxing you on the amount you travel] maybe a bit ex-stream. It only brings to light the need to create revenue with all the spending going on with the “stimulus Package”.

Businesses cannot get caught up in the daily challenges of:

  • Family run business
  • Long term employees
  • Never saw the value

Telematics is actually a Proficiency tool for your fleet of vehicles. Granted there are numerous solutions available on the market. With that said, it is more than obvious this technology is here to stay.

Bloggers will continue too take advantage of “Big Brother” effect, many because they focus on anything that might generate traffic which is some cases (most) reverts back to the overall conspiracy theory.

What few people realize, these same “bloggers” are no-more than basement dwellers on government programs in Section 8 housing. And we all agree how important they are to the growth of this country. What this brings to light: [THEY ARE THE REASON GPS VEHICLE TRACKING NEEDS TO BE DEPLOYED]

The moral fabric of the American society is being challenged by these individuals who have nothing to offer unless they get a hand-out.

The Jettsons was not just a cartoon….

27 02 2009

CBR Mobility yesterday sent me a feed:  Dr Pepper Snapple deploys TeleNav Track

Dr Pepper Snapple Group, said they saved over $166,000 because of their ability to accurately track employees’ hours worked and mileage traveled.    Talk about addressing user reaction.  

sweepstakes_rolloverOn my side of the house utilizing Vehicle Tracking services comes up against “Driver” reaction which may have some value when addressing employees that have been with you for sometime or even a “family” run business.  The initial reaction calls into question the “trust” factor.  These same individual companies need to read how an organization the size of DR Pepper moved pasted that.   There effort was ineffect focused on the “Moble” work force.  Companies that utilize trucks/vans in deploying their services, (especially when the vehicle is taken home with the operator) should focus on the fact it’s a capital assest period.

Though cellular solution(s) provide tracking ability your still relying on individuals to step-up-to the plate and turn them on.   What many forget is Telecoms never ending ability to change programs once they gain volumn acceptance.   Take note, don’t be surprised come later this summer we see changes to these $10/$20 application.

Tracking without your knowledge…not cool..

17 02 2009

The ugly side of GPS Vehicle Tracking does show its face at times. Contacted a demolition company in Colorado looking to schedule a Online Presentation about our services. The timing could not have been any more planned.

During a routine maintenance check, Shop Supervisor noticed something different under the hood, a GPS Tracking Device. Totally unaware of this he proceeded to question the ownership on the item. My call triggered a rage from the ownership who was themselves unaware of what was going on with their fleet. Though the product was not ours, it did not matter, the idea his fleet (26 vehicles) had these items on an NO ONE knew about it put me in the bull’s eye. Once I was able to determine and verify the product was not ours and we as a company have little market penetration in her area, we came to the conclusion someone other than an employee had done this.

With my help we were able to determine the manufacture and the “RETAIL” outlet where the item came from. Armed with this info they have set about inquiring WHO purchased the item and why are they tracking the vehicles…..

This type of behavior is something I stand totally strong an apposed too. I have purposely left off the manufacture and the client names since legal proceeding are in process.

This type of behavior has been gaining ground lately because of the un-regulated use of these devices. I hate to see when the mental behavior of few can cause such a disruption with a industry. But like the title says, it’s beyond cool….

Hybrids and Alternative Fuels.

2 02 2009

4cf76179-1d4a-439a-9a01-28816c9de1c9Fighting though these tough times means making tough decissions.  And having a option when making these choices does add a little light.

It’s been along time coming but the importance of creating a more fuel efficient fleet or in this case moving to more Alternative options is not just a dream any more.

We are slowing seeing more Alternative fuel locations pop-up across the country.  This is one avenue we must enlighten our government to support.   That is the type of infrastructure investment we need. 

Autobloggreen.com should be your first visit.   We should also participate by forwarding this link to the world.  Everyone must take advantage.

The World’s Largest HVAC&R Exposition

22 01 2009


Well it’s that time of year again, Conferences & Exposition.   An Chicago’s McCormick Place will host this grand event for the HVAC industry.  

What is noteworthly this year there will be (5) Telematic vendors displaying their solutions to Fleet management.