ANA Airlines – Business Class is 1st Class.

20 10 2009

Just returned from 6 days in Japan.  In the near future I’ll be posting pictures and commentary on my trip.  But first order of business…

ANA Airlines  – anyone considering a trip to the East needs to put ANA on their Radar as a premier choice of Air Travel.   The best part, moving in & out of the terminals.   Picture this.  Considering Chicago has 5+ connections to Tokyo from numerous airlines.  ANA is the First one leaving and the First One arriving.   And anyone with International Travel experience, Customs can be a drag.   Not having to compete with other carrier passengers, takes the level of stress way down. 

For me, seeing a fresh smiling face that exhibits a true since of wanting you to enjoy your flying experience just sets the tone for a good trip.    I look forward to upgrading my status with ANA Airlines and for once, encouraged to travel more.    It’s been awhile since a company could secure my business by actually providing something of real value – SERVICE




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