Turn your cover letter into a Post…

13 09 2010


A well rounded hands-on trained / design / deployment specialist of Video Surveillance Solutions.

From 4 camera/DVRs too multi-location networked systems. Professional appearance and demeanor to address even the toughest clients needs / desires / expectations.

Video Surveillance is moving forward in offering more complex solutions. From IP/HDcctv camera’s to NVR’s to expanding the use of Bio-metrics / Analytics on a platform that is capable of not only using current equipment but the ability to grow with the ever changing demands of Surveillance. This requires a Passion.


I not looking for a JOB. Looking to full-fill my desire to securing the Lives / Property / Assets of clients. Located within minutes of (2) major airports in Chicago, current Passport, traveling to on-sight projects is convenient. I know what I want to do.

Look forward to hearing from your organization and sitting down with the appropriate Personnel and submit my application.

John Feeney,   Glendale Heights, IL


Illinois HS Football – Wheaton South No 25

2 09 2009

Patrick Mooney

This week Wheaton Warrenville South enters the National Prep Football Poll at No. 25 after a 34-26 win over Hinsdale Central. The poll, which has St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) ranked first overall, is distributed in part by the Associated Press.


Locally, Naperville North remained seventh in the Chicago Sun-Times rankings, while Naperville Central moved up to No. 15.

Recruiters / Headhunters – Social Media

3 08 2009

Hamby Hutcheson,( Smart-Travel.com) , asked this question in LinkedIn Group – IntelliDrive , should they join the group?

My Response – You can post opportunities in the Job Section. Especially those in Chicago.    The more the better, increasing the activity.

If Chicago is granted the 2016 Olympics, the over population will exceed 3 million, throw another 1 million for the growing “Suburbs”. This town will be jumping. Grant Park – Obama accepts the Presidency, two terms later he is back in Grant Park Welcoming the World to Chicago, with a WHITE SOX’s cap on. Damn near Disney..

The more the better, increase the activity.

Comments must have some effort to stay on course. Public interaction is why there is a “Private Response” button.

Inteligent Driving topic – will & does effect everyone. Especially when we seriously take advantage of the technology for the purpose of “SAFETY”.

Having an on-board system to guide my travel is standard in new model vehicles. The question is how much information can we tap into. There is mapping and then Tracking.

The consumers ability to take the lead in creating demand, is just starting. Success in Retail just has not made it, yet. On Line should recognize the opportunity an grab real estate. Tracking Providers better learn to sell their solutions On Line, anything less than 5 should be a shopping cart.

Put your Wind / Solar Installation on the Map

23 07 2009




has put together an interesting site that could use your input and help.    Besides the updated industry news, this new venture is also looking for guest columnist(s) that can bring a particular flair to subject(s) we need to address. 

The one area I will direct your attention to is the MAP of Wind and Solar Instulation .   Some of you may be surprised at the amount of activity in your state, others need to support the sites effort and add additional installations to the MAP.   Like there’s no WIND in Alabama?

50 New Jobs – $85 Million

20 07 2009

MYGreen Education and Career  :  That’s right the administation’s commitment to building the nations scientific work force.     So if you have a PHD, apply today with a letter of intent and submit your proposals by Sept.   Awards take place next year, $150,000 for 5 years.

What the hell is going on here?  $85 million dollars so we can what?  help a PHD researcher tell us about an industry that is positioned to go no-where because of our dependence on Oil / Coal?

 You should hire a High School Math teacher – $150K (5 years) $750,000 x 50 Jobs is $37,500,000 is salary.  $47,500,000 in project funds?   To do what? 

I’m scared to death to read who these 50 applicants will be.  You think in this ecomony I’m going to feel sorry for a professional “Student” that has an “Opinion”.   If your current Education level has not warrented you employment, what possible insight to a real world analysis could you offer Mid-Class America who has two jobs to hang-on to their home.

And you voted for change?  Seems the same people benefited…

Bemis Union Workers vote STRIKE – You freak’en crazy

16 07 2009

Terre Haute, IN  – Workers at Bemis voted to strike cause their upset over the planned “Health Risk Assessment” employees must participate.   Labor Relations Board feels the company failed to bargin in good faith.

Why can’t someone picket / strike / the INSURANCE COMPANY that is behind this whole thing?   Convince me the agent DIDN”T tell the company where to save money?   The truth, they would rather insure clients that DON”T use Health Care Benefits.  

But just the concept, regardless what the hell is going on, of Striking in this ecomony is this side of plain nuts.   Why don’t you people take a 200 mile drive NorthEast to Elkhart and get a real taste what BEING OUT OF WORK DOES FOR A COMMUNITY.

Environmental Bankers Association (EBA)

13 07 2009

EBA_logo_mainMission Statement:    To protect and preserve bank net income and assets from environmental exposure and liability resulting from lending and trust activities through the employment of environmental risk management in the U.S. and worldwide.

So now we address RISK in lending activities – we bailed you out why again?   Why do you believe “Going Green” is something you do internal?   I don’t see any financial arm stepping forward to finance any “GREEN” projects, someone help me with this.   My taxes went where / why?