50 New Jobs – $85 Million

20 07 2009

MYGreen Education and Career  :  That’s right the administation’s commitment to building the nations scientific work force.     So if you have a PHD, apply today with a letter of intent and submit your proposals by Sept.   Awards take place next year, $150,000 for 5 years.

What the hell is going on here?  $85 million dollars so we can what?  help a PHD researcher tell us about an industry that is positioned to go no-where because of our dependence on Oil / Coal?

 You should hire a High School Math teacher – $150K (5 years) $750,000 x 50 Jobs is $37,500,000 is salary.  $47,500,000 in project funds?   To do what? 

I’m scared to death to read who these 50 applicants will be.  You think in this ecomony I’m going to feel sorry for a professional “Student” that has an “Opinion”.   If your current Education level has not warrented you employment, what possible insight to a real world analysis could you offer Mid-Class America who has two jobs to hang-on to their home.

And you voted for change?  Seems the same people benefited…




3 responses

20 07 2009
20 07 2009
toan hoc

This is not new. But you give me a fresh point of view. Thank you.

21 07 2009
John Feeney

Fresh may not be correct. Health Care costs being pasted on to the worker again shows the need for reform.

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