Village de-activates Red-Light Camera….

22 09 2010

The ongoing debat of whether Red-Light Intersection cameras actually help address Safety issues received some positive support this week.

Elk Grove Village,  IL has released a report showing crashs at one of the hottest intersections around has declined.  So much so they plan on deactiviating the camera to prove the point. 

This comes at a time when the opposition to these camera’s is hitting an all time high.   Cook County, IL  put in place a plan to make the camera’s more wide spread.  When opposition clearly was against the idea, a provision was put in place for Villages to “Opt Out”.  That list continues to grow.

Two organizations have stepped up their efforts in addressing this:

BAN the Cams   &  Campaign for Liberty

It will be interesting to watch these Groups continue to make efforts in voicing their position, especially during Election Campaigns.   You know the policital hawks are circling looking for voters to support their canidates.   And at this junction any group looks ripe for the picking.  

What is curious the debate ranges on if Safety is accomplished or $100+ fine is too automatic, no real compromising solutions have come to the table.   For example:  are the lease agreements with the providers too long?  (Some are 5 years)  Is the $100+ fine to much? [clearly in these times yes]

From a business point the payment actually pays for the equipment and monitoring services (which the municipal recieves a portion) which inturn generates funds which is badly needed.   And yes, the debate over the distribution of portions is hottely contested between Boards and Vendors.  Would anyone consider “lowering” the ticket to say $50 or even $25 if the data shows over a “short period” of time Safety has improved?

Some of you jump the gun and say “NO” deactivate them period.  I find that hard to swallow from a Group so bent on Liberty issues you quickly forget part of your responsibilities to the WHOLE is paying for services you take for granted:  Police/Fire/Emergence/Water/Streets/etc…  

Have or have not should not be the only choices, compromise is the basis of a democracy.  That is the underlining theme we must adhere to


Unemployed protest at IL GOP HQ 9-15 – Carole Ramsden

21 09 2010

Unemployment is at levels no-one benefits from, yet we see no relief in-site……

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When the customer is Wrong?

14 09 2010

  Interesting  twist on something we don’t talk about enough – who is really right?

Customers sometimes forget we do have the right to choose who we do business with.

Turn your cover letter into a Post…

13 09 2010


A well rounded hands-on trained / design / deployment specialist of Video Surveillance Solutions.

From 4 camera/DVRs too multi-location networked systems. Professional appearance and demeanor to address even the toughest clients needs / desires / expectations.

Video Surveillance is moving forward in offering more complex solutions. From IP/HDcctv camera’s to NVR’s to expanding the use of Bio-metrics / Analytics on a platform that is capable of not only using current equipment but the ability to grow with the ever changing demands of Surveillance. This requires a Passion.


I not looking for a JOB. Looking to full-fill my desire to securing the Lives / Property / Assets of clients. Located within minutes of (2) major airports in Chicago, current Passport, traveling to on-sight projects is convenient. I know what I want to do.

Look forward to hearing from your organization and sitting down with the appropriate Personnel and submit my application.

John Feeney,   Glendale Heights, IL

Some People really need their own Social Network…

8 09 2010

One key component in developing your Social Network (i.e. Linkedin / Facebook / twitter/ etc…) is not only your connections but the quality of those connects.  More so when you participate in Group Forms and post.

At first you try and keep things simple, stay on topic yet not to soap box.   You always try an adhere to the rules of the group – language / direction / promoting products -services.   These general guidelines are “somewhat” overseen by the Group administrator or so we would think.  Often that is not the case.   Which leads to somewhat uncontrolable kaos.

This can be damaging.  Especially when the intent of your effort is to connect with a group of Professionals, share – perhaps learn and you slowly come to realize these same people are who I’m trying to avoid.  Not because the same subject can be posted through out 7+ similiar groups but these same individuals make an appearance bearing the same attitude.

One approach is actually “Hinding” the different groups you belong to.   Which is good from the point, to many, questions your reasoning when one views your profile.    The second: privately responding to individual post(s). 

Social Networking is about meeting new individuals.  Or in my case a True business connection to conduct potential business.   The challenge is finding a simple means of contacting potential prospects without the classic “PAY a Membership FEE” which doesn’t guaranty anyone would accept your polite solitation. 

There are many self-proclaimed Guru’s of Social Media.   I have only come across a few that can actually CLAIM success, that success is focused on selling the correct approach to SN.  Kind of reminds you of the Real Estate programs that flooded the market…

Some where in my journeys I will find the right vehicle, pose the right question and attract the right individuals, I so eagerly want to meet.  But truthfull if they don’t do anything except build a basic profile, don’t have any connections and don’t except msg’s…..I’m pretty much back to square one…

Jobs – who will get first crack at them?

7 09 2010

Just finished reading an article in a local paper addressing this subject:

Even with the President attempting to role out a Jobs creation program, many still question where these Jobs may be and what type of jobs /pay scale are we talking? 

In recent weeks I have visited numerous Job Fairs around Chicago land, noting not only the increase in participants(and familiar faces..) but the lack of quality opportunities.   This economy has hit everyone somewhere along the line.  And we have been sitting in this funk for some time with little or no signs of change that will make a difference. 

The artical forcasts the job sector to be divided into (2) catagories – 1 Highly skilled (educated employable) and second being low-wage.   This really begins to scare alot of us when Highly sought Skills (Law/Medical/etc..) were even Un-employed to begin with, yet though they have obtained the Masters (and beyond..) are these new positions actually old posts with lower pay scale.  (As a business your looking for the best value with minimal cost).  Which brings us to the other end of the scale – Low wage. 

You suck it up to take something, then what happens to your career?  Obviously you need money to live, but if the stress happens to double just because you take action, you start questioning your decissions.    Having the faith or belief this will turn around generally comes from those on the outside looking in. 

The one that hit me the hardest is my age group 45 – 55, too old to start something new, not old enough to retire, not educated enough to compete with the next generation for the SAME JOB.

Illinois Gaming Board Chairman Aaron Jaffe on video poker.

2 09 2010

This is from Nov / 09 …. Dupage County has sent a re-sounding NO and Opted Out of this state wide Law.   Sept 1, 2010 was supposed starting date when the board would start issuing licenses.   And we are a long way away from that happening….

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