Sales – It’s about Fishing…

23 11 2009

Every once in a while you have a day where rhythm, timing and just being in the right place has it’s rewards.   There’s hope…

Saturday morning, getting prepared for Thursday & Friday 1:30 Alabama / Auburn.   Sun was shining, I started early, traffic was just starting so I was actually running ahead of schedule.  I stopped at a local fishing hole.

Dupage County maintains numerous locations which I can say keep Bass Fisherman happy.  For the past year my favorite spot – Mallard Lake has been closed due to construction around the facility.  My fortune was coming across a Ranger, only they didn’t know either, “When it’s done ?”.  Which is true they have been doing good work.

But it made me think – the fish (prospect) have been left alone, no fishing pressure, so by nature they surely are stacked in a couple areas.  Which may explain the recent decrease in other facilities.  The closing of Mallard actually put more traffic on the other locations.  (Why West Branch does not mirror Blackwell? Like that couldn’t make money)

My thought, after posting on LinkedIn, maybe get some feedback from local fisherman.  I’m still surprised not many know about Mallard, which can be a good thing.  Walleye, Northern, Crappie, Gils, Cats, White Bass, BASS.   Something is always going on somewhere, bet on it….

When I take a moment apply “business” to fishing, what area’s have been overlooked by my competitor?  Or are they even still around?

Unless your line is wet, you have no chance or even getting a nibble.


50 New Jobs – $85 Million

20 07 2009

MYGreen Education and Career  :  That’s right the administation’s commitment to building the nations scientific work force.     So if you have a PHD, apply today with a letter of intent and submit your proposals by Sept.   Awards take place next year, $150,000 for 5 years.

What the hell is going on here?  $85 million dollars so we can what?  help a PHD researcher tell us about an industry that is positioned to go no-where because of our dependence on Oil / Coal?

 You should hire a High School Math teacher – $150K (5 years) $750,000 x 50 Jobs is $37,500,000 is salary.  $47,500,000 in project funds?   To do what? 

I’m scared to death to read who these 50 applicants will be.  You think in this ecomony I’m going to feel sorry for a professional “Student” that has an “Opinion”.   If your current Education level has not warrented you employment, what possible insight to a real world analysis could you offer Mid-Class America who has two jobs to hang-on to their home.

And you voted for change?  Seems the same people benefited…

Bemis Union Workers vote STRIKE – You freak’en crazy

16 07 2009

Terre Haute, IN  – Workers at Bemis voted to strike cause their upset over the planned “Health Risk Assessment” employees must participate.   Labor Relations Board feels the company failed to bargin in good faith.

Why can’t someone picket / strike / the INSURANCE COMPANY that is behind this whole thing?   Convince me the agent DIDN”T tell the company where to save money?   The truth, they would rather insure clients that DON”T use Health Care Benefits.  

But just the concept, regardless what the hell is going on, of Striking in this ecomony is this side of plain nuts.   Why don’t you people take a 200 mile drive NorthEast to Elkhart and get a real taste what BEING OUT OF WORK DOES FOR A COMMUNITY.

Environmental Bankers Association (EBA)

13 07 2009

EBA_logo_mainMission Statement:    To protect and preserve bank net income and assets from environmental exposure and liability resulting from lending and trust activities through the employment of environmental risk management in the U.S. and worldwide.

So now we address RISK in lending activities – we bailed you out why again?   Why do you believe “Going Green” is something you do internal?   I don’t see any financial arm stepping forward to finance any “GREEN” projects, someone help me with this.   My taxes went where / why? 

Youth hacked PC, used GPS to track—father

5 12 2008

Parents have generally been granted permission to monitor their children’s location through GPS tracking, but what happens when the younger generation turns the tables, and then doesn’t like what it finds? Nothing good, at least not here.

Nice to know our youth is taking basic ideas to the next level…..

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Chicago – most stressed city – No kidding?

19 09 2008

Those of you (in chicagoland) drying out from last week’s late season rain, coupled by the endless construction on the highways with the first month of kids back-in-school, certainly understand stress.

Gas prices, all over the map from $4.10 (today) to whatever.  Unemployment figures keep inching higher, foreclosures in Kane County still rising.  Bensenville about to be eliminated with the exspansion of O’Hare.  What else could happen…..

Tomorrow I just plan on taking a break from everything and go fishing all day with my wife.  The picture you notice on the top is actually that of Meacham Grove in Bloomingdale, IL   With the rains we when through our garden an dug up plenty of worms for our little get-away adventure.   Plenty of bluegil, bass, catfish to keep us happy and busy till sun goes down…

One interesting note, here @ wordpress the blogs of note are changing.  Changing in the fact the content or story lines are becoming more “Social”.  Religion, health, family which is fine but obviously this pushes me to seek other outlets.  

Blogs about “business” and the Buisness of Social Networks are being swallowed by traffic driven events like your cat or which God saved the life this week.   Which only verifies the fact people are using blog to escape the Stress from their normally mondain life.  

Which is why I’m going fishing…..

I want to see My Doctor…

3 09 2008

Since September is National Preparedness Month

MedjetAssist | Medical Evacuation Road Warriors / parents of college students / caring for your elder / Corp Travelers etc, here is a program everyone should look at.

“As a member, if you are ever hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home, MedjetAssist will send a medically equipped and staffed aircraft to pick you up and fly you to the hospital of your choice — at no additional charge. No transportation cost limitations. No pre-existing condition exclusions. Just peace of mind each and every time you travel.”