When forums turn into Sales Pitches…

24 09 2010

Unfortunately using the forums for guerilla marketing is far too common these days. Those willing to do so do are self serving exploiters of the forums with little regard for others dedicated to the spirit of the forums and lack comprehension of forum’s true value.
Do they honestly think we are not revenue driven? The reason we refrain from using the forums for whoring products is because of our dedication to our industry and love of sharing knowledge. Almost every one of us represents a company or product or is a regular user of these technologies. I admire the ones who truly contribute their experience and knowledge to help define and grow the technology.   Alan Waxenburg


The shame Alan is your right, to bad those that do agree turn right around a disregard the premise.   If they had any sense the post(s) in question would actually serve more purpose in a different place.  Like Youtube.com 

Each of us do have particular alliances because no-one can actually do them all.  But what is disturbing an underlining concept (especially here) [CCTV Video Surveillance..] of product centric solutions.   It is rare to see a thread that focuses on a solution without a product pitch.   

Can you image a thread that definded a solution w/specs vs product?

A camera should have {this} when the need of better images is questioned.   A VMS package should have {this} with editing issues.    A storage solution should have {this} when comparing historical data.  Analytics should do {this} when predictive measures are needed.   and so on…. returning to the basics and addressing the “needs”.

On the other hand when questions/discussions START with opinions on particular manufactures it just opens the flood gates.  It only over-shadows the tightening of the market an opportunities.  This procedure translates directly to a client, where their being sold a product vs a solution.  {masked by guerilla marketing techniques}

I’ve had more success when I present a solution with direct focus on the solution/result than the products I choose to accomplish the task.   When you focus on products – cost comes into the picture pretty fast.  Because that is something the nay-sayers can research.




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