Wikileaks – the larger picture…

10 12 2010







Like most stories that grasp for short moments,  Wikileaks drama is being played out around the world and now the second phase seems to beginning to catching flare.   Loyalists (today..) are ready to take this so-called mis-fortune and turn it around for their chance @ tasting the pie.   The scary part is they seem rather confident in their ability to duplicate the same thing.   Publish sensitive material.

What I see as the larger picture:

  1. the ability to get the information {which challenges Security procedures in place}
  2. it exposes the potential hording of the masses to inflict their power.

Cyber attacks on numerous Commerce sites [rendering them useless] is exactly what these same sources fear in so-called Big Brother” theory camps.   The potential to lead innocent / blind / zealous / naive individuals down a path where their action (though good on the surface..) is disruptive, has always been the tool of  potential World Powers (not one has turned out to be any good for society or man-kind).

We would rather honor John Lennon’s 30th anniversary.  Though I would guess he would be proud..the people actually agreed on doing something together universally.  Which is a start….



Unemployed protest at IL GOP HQ 9-15 – Carole Ramsden

21 09 2010

Unemployment is at levels no-one benefits from, yet we see no relief in-site……

Vodpod videos no longer available.


When the customer is Wrong?

14 09 2010

  Interesting  twist on something we don’t talk about enough – who is really right?

Customers sometimes forget we do have the right to choose who we do business with.

Jobs – who will get first crack at them?

7 09 2010

Just finished reading an article in a local paper addressing this subject:

Even with the President attempting to role out a Jobs creation program, many still question where these Jobs may be and what type of jobs /pay scale are we talking? 

In recent weeks I have visited numerous Job Fairs around Chicago land, noting not only the increase in participants(and familiar faces..) but the lack of quality opportunities.   This economy has hit everyone somewhere along the line.  And we have been sitting in this funk for some time with little or no signs of change that will make a difference. 

The artical forcasts the job sector to be divided into (2) catagories – 1 Highly skilled (educated employable) and second being low-wage.   This really begins to scare alot of us when Highly sought Skills (Law/Medical/etc..) were even Un-employed to begin with, yet though they have obtained the Masters (and beyond..) are these new positions actually old posts with lower pay scale.  (As a business your looking for the best value with minimal cost).  Which brings us to the other end of the scale – Low wage. 

You suck it up to take something, then what happens to your career?  Obviously you need money to live, but if the stress happens to double just because you take action, you start questioning your decissions.    Having the faith or belief this will turn around generally comes from those on the outside looking in. 

The one that hit me the hardest is my age group 45 – 55, too old to start something new, not old enough to retire, not educated enough to compete with the next generation for the SAME JOB.

Illinois HS Football – Wheaton South No 25

2 09 2009

Patrick Mooney

This week Wheaton Warrenville South enters the National Prep Football Poll at No. 25 after a 34-26 win over Hinsdale Central. The poll, which has St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) ranked first overall, is distributed in part by the Associated Press.


Locally, Naperville North remained seventh in the Chicago Sun-Times rankings, while Naperville Central moved up to No. 15.

Louisiana Police – it better be yours!

20 08 2009


Investigators with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say an automated license plate recognition system (“ALPR”) alerted officers to a stolen vehicle in Harvey today.


Unlike others that cram the cyber world as Big Brother theorist, this is a step in the right direction, for my safety and that of the officer.   Atleast now they will have a more legimate reason to pulling someone over.

This posting was generated by a earlier conversation with Jill Konrath who’s blog: Selling to Big Companies caught my attention after she successfully hosted a Webinar in which over 800 people signed up, success indeed for a Social Network. 

At which I sent Congrats!  
Thanks John! It was fun to do. I try to make people think.

<Gosh, you don’t ask much. When your able to propel them to accept responsibility please let me know the secret.>

Jill’s response – Asking people to THINK and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY is simply too much for one human being to accomplish.   (Is this Environment of Big Companies?)

Readers know I had to follow that…….

That I believe is the challenge of Today.   Not just in business or Sales but everyday life and what it demands.   We cannot as a society continue to promote non-accountablity. This is one message the next (current) generation needs to get straight. To Think without Accepting Responsibility is not Thinking – it’s role playing an following a script. You end-up in a cycle of dis-satisfaction.

And the connection to Camera’s?  Stops that process dead in it’s track.   Understand your responsibility BEFORE you THINK?  If you cannot you don’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle….

Recruiters / Headhunters – Social Media

3 08 2009

Hamby Hutcheson,( , asked this question in LinkedIn Group – IntelliDrive , should they join the group?

My Response – You can post opportunities in the Job Section. Especially those in Chicago.    The more the better, increasing the activity.

If Chicago is granted the 2016 Olympics, the over population will exceed 3 million, throw another 1 million for the growing “Suburbs”. This town will be jumping. Grant Park – Obama accepts the Presidency, two terms later he is back in Grant Park Welcoming the World to Chicago, with a WHITE SOX’s cap on. Damn near Disney..

The more the better, increase the activity.

Comments must have some effort to stay on course. Public interaction is why there is a “Private Response” button.

Inteligent Driving topic – will & does effect everyone. Especially when we seriously take advantage of the technology for the purpose of “SAFETY”.

Having an on-board system to guide my travel is standard in new model vehicles. The question is how much information can we tap into. There is mapping and then Tracking.

The consumers ability to take the lead in creating demand, is just starting. Success in Retail just has not made it, yet. On Line should recognize the opportunity an grab real estate. Tracking Providers better learn to sell their solutions On Line, anything less than 5 should be a shopping cart.