Environmental Bankers Association (EBA)

13 07 2009

EBA_logo_mainMission Statement:    To protect and preserve bank net income and assets from environmental exposure and liability resulting from lending and trust activities through the employment of environmental risk management in the U.S. and worldwide.

So now we address RISK in lending activities – we bailed you out why again?   Why do you believe “Going Green” is something you do internal?   I don’t see any financial arm stepping forward to finance any “GREEN” projects, someone help me with this.   My taxes went where / why? 




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15 07 2009
Harmless Individual

Well there you go, good reason to get a REAL ID card, instead of banks lending you the actual cash, they will now just say Here’s your debt card get what ever you need for your business with this card. Thereby being able to track exactly what you purchase for your business and can question if you are really staying green according to their lending policies, if not they revoke the business credit card and you are stuck in heavy debt, probably with a high interest rate.

Because using the law UCC 1-207 and knowinf that cash is created out of thin air, Loans do not in anyway effect the actual cash amount held by the bank.

Credit card accounts are created out of thin air and merely added into a computer database, at no time when a bank gives a credit card does any cash exchange hand, or raise or lower the net income of the banks assets

risk enviromental management can be defined as a government lackey shill who strong arms the lenders into following guidelines or the loans can be revoked

15 07 2009
John Feeney

Don’t confuse the issue. EBA is a group that outlines the Risk in “Going Green”. My point: the secondary market that relies on these same sources to finance Green Projects (cause they will never see Stimulus money) now educate the process of “RISK” management when investing or securing financing for said projects.

Now if T.J. Pikens (billionaire) says there is “TIGHT” credit lines in Renewable Energy Projects, how is the other 90% of America that wants to invest and create this new infrastructure going to get any money????

8 11 2009
credit card stimulus

This is an idea of stimulus even credit card or economic or anything. Thank you for your effort to sharing this idea with me.

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