Louisiana Police – it better be yours!

20 08 2009


Investigators with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say an automated license plate recognition system (“ALPR”) alerted officers to a stolen vehicle in Harvey today.


Unlike others that cram the cyber world as Big Brother theorist, this is a step in the right direction, for my safety and that of the officer.   Atleast now they will have a more legimate reason to pulling someone over.

This posting was generated by a earlier conversation with Jill Konrath who’s blog: Selling to Big Companies caught my attention after she successfully hosted a Webinar in which over 800 people signed up, success indeed for a Social Network. 

At which I sent Congrats!  
Thanks John! It was fun to do. I try to make people think.

<Gosh, you don’t ask much. When your able to propel them to accept responsibility please let me know the secret.>

Jill’s response – Asking people to THINK and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY is simply too much for one human being to accomplish.   (Is this Environment of Big Companies?)

Readers know I had to follow that…….

That I believe is the challenge of Today.   Not just in business or Sales but everyday life and what it demands.   We cannot as a society continue to promote non-accountablity. This is one message the next (current) generation needs to get straight. To Think without Accepting Responsibility is not Thinking – it’s role playing an following a script. You end-up in a cycle of dis-satisfaction.

And the connection to Camera’s?  Stops that process dead in it’s track.   Understand your responsibility BEFORE you THINK?  If you cannot you don’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle….


Upgrade your Home Surveillance system, PTZ camera.

13 06 2008

Platinum-CCTV PTZ cameras offer excellent picture quality, with Sony or LG image sensors. Both PTZ Cameras and PT Cameras are available to suit virtually any installation. With a PTZ camera, you can cover more territory than with a stationary Pan/Tilt PT-351-V49 camera. When combined with a PC-Based DVR card or Standalone DVR, the camera can be controlled remotely.

PT and PTZ cameras accept standard control through 2-wire RS-485 connection with standard protocols (Pelco-P, Pelco-D, etc.). The cameras also include an RF remote control, to allow you to move the camera with a simple push of a button. Expand the capabilities of your surveillance system today with a PT or PTZ camera.