Sales – It’s about Fishing…

23 11 2009

Every once in a while you have a day where rhythm, timing and just being in the right place has it’s rewards.   There’s hope…

Saturday morning, getting prepared for Thursday & Friday 1:30 Alabama / Auburn.   Sun was shining, I started early, traffic was just starting so I was actually running ahead of schedule.  I stopped at a local fishing hole.

Dupage County maintains numerous locations which I can say keep Bass Fisherman happy.  For the past year my favorite spot – Mallard Lake has been closed due to construction around the facility.  My fortune was coming across a Ranger, only they didn’t know either, “When it’s done ?”.  Which is true they have been doing good work.

But it made me think – the fish (prospect) have been left alone, no fishing pressure, so by nature they surely are stacked in a couple areas.  Which may explain the recent decrease in other facilities.  The closing of Mallard actually put more traffic on the other locations.  (Why West Branch does not mirror Blackwell? Like that couldn’t make money)

My thought, after posting on LinkedIn, maybe get some feedback from local fisherman.  I’m still surprised not many know about Mallard, which can be a good thing.  Walleye, Northern, Crappie, Gils, Cats, White Bass, BASS.   Something is always going on somewhere, bet on it….

When I take a moment apply “business” to fishing, what area’s have been overlooked by my competitor?  Or are they even still around?

Unless your line is wet, you have no chance or even getting a nibble.




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2 12 2009
Bill Karmis

Very inspirational.

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