8 06 2012

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GO GREEN! LED Lighting and Other Initiatives

1 12 2011

GO GREEN! LED Lighting and Other Initiatives.

Breaking into a garage

21 12 2010

I get amazed everyday, what I see…

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Shooting in Peoria & New diet pill may be approved

21 12 2010

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Breaking into a Garage

21 12 2010

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Wikileaks – the larger picture…

10 12 2010







Like most stories that grasp for short moments,  Wikileaks drama is being played out around the world and now the second phase seems to beginning to catching flare.   Loyalists (today..) are ready to take this so-called mis-fortune and turn it around for their chance @ tasting the pie.   The scary part is they seem rather confident in their ability to duplicate the same thing.   Publish sensitive material.

What I see as the larger picture:

  1. the ability to get the information {which challenges Security procedures in place}
  2. it exposes the potential hording of the masses to inflict their power.

Cyber attacks on numerous Commerce sites [rendering them useless] is exactly what these same sources fear in so-called Big Brother” theory camps.   The potential to lead innocent / blind / zealous / naive individuals down a path where their action (though good on the surface..) is disruptive, has always been the tool of  potential World Powers (not one has turned out to be any good for society or man-kind).

We would rather honor John Lennon’s 30th anniversary.  Though I would guess he would be proud..the people actually agreed on doing something together universally.  Which is a start….


Police Investigating Rash of Robberies

6 12 2010

You may have some info

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