Is IP surveillance impacting the Security industry?

23 08 2010

This question was raised in the Video Surveillance Group on Linkedin:  my reply….

The impact: Awareness. There now is an actual path of progession. Mirroring such industries as IT, most were aware that advancements would bring options. Cost being an early deterent, is being replaced with needs.

Craig has a valued point we shouldn’t overlook. Current install base of Analog does dominate the landscape. A large % of these maynot see or need to jump right to IP. The question Craig asks: is the client actually a Networked Solution?

We’re slowly being handed options that make more sense (cost) in upgrading a current solution as the user(s) become more capable of understanding the benefits.

IP is not a replacement for Analog, it’s a better solution for enterprises that understanding the strains of managing a large network. Following Mitch Vine’s point, progression is the nature of the beast, though I don’t see it as a death march. Then again that will be determined by manufactures. Simon Carroll relates the big concern of Shared Network sources [storage, BW, etc] Which points to IT Depts becoming more involved with Security/Access Control. Unlike most, this challenges Organizational Charts of responsibility.

The key to IP is “USING” the benefits associated with it or should we say the “APPS” that allow us to create an ROI on the content collected. If all we see the system doing is monitoring or recording events it’s hard to argue the two platforms. Those of us from the IT world remember debating Pear to Pear Networking / to Sever based, everything changed once the Apps appeared, then decisions became much clearer. Being able to not only sharing the data but make use of it in helping an organization make better decisions.

IP opens the world to using Video content for more than just surveillance….


ADT is in Korea – Media ad

7 08 2010

Notice how the Korea approach is Pro-Active

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ADT Caps TV cf, posted with vodpod


Armed robbery of Tosa Toppers Pizza caught on camera

29 07 2010

Pass this along to anyone in the Wauwatosa, Wi

Vodpod videos no longer available.


AiPhone see who’s at the front door FIRST

22 07 2010

Why "SEE" whose's at the front door

  • Quick and easy install – Only 2 wires!
  • No handset to pick up
  • Compact, attractive design complements most interiors
  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) communication
  • High resolution color TFT LCD monitor
  • Includes single N/O door release contact
  • Camera station can be monitored from inside
  • All monitors turn on when camera station calls in
  • Wide angle camera allows user to view up to 170° of the entire entry
  • Camera view features digital PanTilt and Zoom
  • Entry can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed, even at night
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call-in
  • Camera can be manually adjusted to compensate for bright illumination
  • Picture memory records up to 240 images (JK-1MED only)
  • Securing an access door w/some Video Surveillance w/the added ability to control access w/out actually being in front of the door.

    GPS Tracking – Driver’s React

    12 12 2008

    My recent endeavor into Telematics (GPS Vehicle Tracking) is providing one of the most challenging aspects in terms of understanding how the industry  view’s  the market &  how the market (Users/drivers/employees) see’s the industry.    There is a clear distinction.

    Tracking – this word alone needs to be addressed and changed to something less suggestive or non intrusive.    More along the lines of performance enhancement or proficiency generator,  less focused on “monitoring”  but I’ll leave that to the English/Journalism MBA’s .

    Wanting a better feel to potential objections I posted this question on some forums:

     Driver/Employee Reaction….

    The biggest hurtle owners have with Vehicle Tracking units is driver reaction…

    • don’t you trust us
    • family member
    • long term employee
    • why you watching me

    From a managerial point, utilization of the fleet or getting maybe one/two more jobs a week is the real point. Obviously, using a cell is the standard solution.

    But I want to hear from u…


    I was not disappointed in receiving responses.   First,  sending a text msg to a driver should also include directional mapping to locations.   Second, drivers reacted in the same fashion typical of those we experienced in IT (monitoring email or blocking Social Networks) and HR with Security cameras.   Third, dispatchers need training on the proper use of the system.   Not in functionality, but usage in addressing a company’s objective and goals.

    Universally, each addressed better employees.   Along the lines that would eliminate the need altogether.    Some owners weighted in understanding what a ROI should or could achieve.   And positioning yourself to get one or two extra jobs a month can basically change any business.

    But the one that really caught my attention, “….I have seen a few companies in our area try it and by year two it was out of their vehicles. Obviuosly it doesn’t work as well as they are sold.”   

    Hello, that begs the question of retention or more to the point, what is the vendor/user relationship after the units are installed.    Let’s also consider, this technology has come along way in the last 30 months and where it’s headed is nothing short of NASA.

    Most blog’s addressing GPS Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management focus on presenting  “their” solution.    Which rightfully so they should.   But they seem to miss the audience attention because the postings center around the product and not the user.    Today’s tough market conditions provide enough managerial challenges.   Creating another- “ Driver Reaction” just has no room on the plate.

    ASIS 2008 – Security Seminar

    29 08 2008

    The most common question we field on a daily basis is helping individuals understand the basic differences between Standalone DVR and a PC Based DVR card.

    Just when you thought that could come down to some simple comparisons, the industry informs us that NO there are many different approaches. Anyone with the opportunity to attend this year’s event or better yet is serious about finding new solutions that are available to your particular need, should make every effort to attend this show.

    Surveillance / Security / Access Controls / CCTV / Biometics and yes IT Security are all coming together at one main event to show case the new products and where the industry is headed.

    The one event we have ear-marked is on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 between 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. The precise location will be Room C304 (Building C, Level 3) within the Georgia World Congress Center. Apple to co-host panel on future of video surveillance. As I have posted before on numerous other blogs and forums Apple has yet to open the gates for iPhone. Currently the majority of products run on a Windows platform an seem to be heading toward Open Source.

    We bring this up as the main point of consideration when considering the type of solution you looking at. Will it be easy to upgrade the system in the “NEAR” future. Can multi-systems co-exist amongst each other? What is the real depth of “proprietary” solutions?

    The basic limitations with standalones:

    • requires a Static IP for remote access – additional $30 a month from your service provider.
    • adding addition camera’s – not possible
    • browsers or menu’s used have limitations to type of control and viewing

    PC Based solutions on the other hand:

    • use your current IP for remote access
    • additional camera’s – add a card
    • vendors are starting to open up the ability to work with different camera’s
    • real time recording and play back is far greater

    The use of surveillance has taken on new meaning in todays business. What it needs to explore and market is an alternative use. The current task facing the industry is funneling multi-XML feeds to one control panel. This way no-one is tied to one particular vendor or camera. My concern is turning the process around. How many of you really know what turned Feedburner into a Google purchase. When they turned everything around and “PUSHED” feeds, the birth of Broadcasting.

    We have not seen any results of Apple’s effort to stream live Olympics feeds and I doubt this seminar will provide any announcements pertaining to it. But what they have accomplished is creating a 2nd vehicle that will compete with main stream media. Let’s face facts, outside the US because the lack of cable infrastructure and land-lines in general, a cell is the most common used accessory, an Apple wants iPhone to be the choice.

    After all these years of computers (PCs & Servers) finally getting narrowed down to a couple of name brands, Surveillance Security solutions show up with 10K vendors each clawing for their piece of this exploding market.    So don’t feel alone and confused, it’s my business of choice and I’m going bald…..

    (Sat.) Aug. 30 8:00 p.m. ABC Sports Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta, Ga.)

    Where are your Camera’s….

    18 08 2008

    Talk about turning around a conversation too actually doing something.    Those of you in Illinois have already seen the increased presents of Surveillance Camera @ intersections.    If you have not then by all means visit and see what listings are in your area.    Ahead of the eight ball?  Participate and add a new listing.   Let’s help build a grid of all these units.    Like all government programs we’re bound to find the locations of some pretty interesting.   Is it intended for Speeders, Turn violators and prehaps high accident intersections.