home security – starts at home

19 06 2008

Zack Whittaker

The most comprehensive police database: Facebook.

It does touch on some sensitive issues.  One I’m sure the conspiracy theorists, (i.e. readers of blogs like prisonplanet.com) will quickly point out, police with profiles.

Finding ways to interact or communicate with citizens has always been a challenge too Law Enforcement.  The kicker – social media allows you to “hide behind a screen”.   With the good intentions LE may have, they are surfing among vipers.

Let’s not kid ourselves, that is why they (LE) are on Facebook


Websense vs Spammers – they can’t hide

18 03 2008

Websense Security Labs has discovered that Google’s popular web mail service Gmail is being targeted in recent spammer tactics. Spammers in these attacks managed to created bots that are capable of signing up and creating random Gmail accounts for spamming purposes. more…

This aggressive approach to “marketing” should wake up a few. For the rest of us, it puts a damper on using WEB 2.0 (Google’s additional services) tools.

Disc Duplication brings new ideas forward……

4 02 2008

2008 brings change. Disc Duplication has gone
the way of volumn too achieve profit. So I went
looking for change. Web 2.0 – Linkedin.com

Motion Computing – Laura Burgmeier

Follow me here; clerks anywhere in the court house building
(or gov/hospital unit) wireless use tablets to be more

Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit
Wireless Mobility Reinvented
3-5 March 2008 Chicago, IL Hyatt Regency Chicago
That is worth seeing vendors…..

When project(s) cross my vision ideas of other customers
show themself. Case in point, blank prelabel DVDs for
home security units (DVR). Remember we’re looking for
video. (storage)

RedSpeed – Illinois
(40 minutes away)

Villages in Il (River Grove, Rosemont, Lisle) are moving
forward with high-tech public safety surveillance networks
for their entire community and affordable wireless internet
access for residents. Win – Win

Rydin Decal – leader in parking ID creates the end point.

Camera, ID, Video, Storage, IP, tablets, now the task is
having them talk to one another. suggestions?

I found a place in Wisconsin, lake access. In fact, garage
is also a boat dock out the back. I have a Lund
picked out, Winnebago chain the largest in Wisconsin

Trust me, everything in Wisconsin is in the chain. My wife
is proof. We taught her how too jig. All I do is drive.
She finds 12″ bluegil, make sure you have lights.

And you thought "White" box PCs were a problem….

18 01 2008

The same subject continues to surface, iPhone is not considered a “Corporate” device for the network. With the growth of a mobile workforce, virtual workers and just plain options, IT managers are being pressed to develop solutions that call for standards.

Following the news from Mac World, Apple should be noted for their conservative approach too integration. The platform is not even ready. And someone better address the battery issue.

The mobile application I’m looking for, download GPS fishing hot spots, it won’t matter who’s boat I’m in….I can view my home security system. Ice Fisherman might consider mobile cameras if access was available. Spring, I would put one at the end of the pier an have my coffee, listening too the weather, an walleye reports.

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Why posting the HD-DVD key could land websites in big trouble

3 05 2007

EFF attorney Fred Von Lohmann explains the legal arguments AACS would make regarding the posting of the key. Just shows how the DMCA can be, they probably have a case against Digg and any other site that published the code. But we knew this was coming… Lexis-Nexis is having a seminar to increase the legal pool…..

Protecting Your Rights in Selling and Buying Digital Content
7 June 2007 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Practice Management Blog – Bankruptcy Blog
Law Practice Committee

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