The Jettsons was not just a cartoon….

27 02 2009

CBR Mobility yesterday sent me a feed:  Dr Pepper Snapple deploys TeleNav Track

Dr Pepper Snapple Group, said they saved over $166,000 because of their ability to accurately track employees’ hours worked and mileage traveled.    Talk about addressing user reaction.  

sweepstakes_rolloverOn my side of the house utilizing Vehicle Tracking services comes up against “Driver” reaction which may have some value when addressing employees that have been with you for sometime or even a “family” run business.  The initial reaction calls into question the “trust” factor.  These same individual companies need to read how an organization the size of DR Pepper moved pasted that.   There effort was ineffect focused on the “Moble” work force.  Companies that utilize trucks/vans in deploying their services, (especially when the vehicle is taken home with the operator) should focus on the fact it’s a capital assest period.

Though cellular solution(s) provide tracking ability your still relying on individuals to step-up-to the plate and turn them on.   What many forget is Telecoms never ending ability to change programs once they gain volumn acceptance.   Take note, don’t be surprised come later this summer we see changes to these $10/$20 application.




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