Tracking without your knowledge…not cool..

17 02 2009

The ugly side of GPS Vehicle Tracking does show its face at times. Contacted a demolition company in Colorado looking to schedule a Online Presentation about our services. The timing could not have been any more planned.

During a routine maintenance check, Shop Supervisor noticed something different under the hood, a GPS Tracking Device. Totally unaware of this he proceeded to question the ownership on the item. My call triggered a rage from the ownership who was themselves unaware of what was going on with their fleet. Though the product was not ours, it did not matter, the idea his fleet (26 vehicles) had these items on an NO ONE knew about it put me in the bull’s eye. Once I was able to determine and verify the product was not ours and we as a company have little market penetration in her area, we came to the conclusion someone other than an employee had done this.

With my help we were able to determine the manufacture and the “RETAIL” outlet where the item came from. Armed with this info they have set about inquiring WHO purchased the item and why are they tracking the vehicles…..

This type of behavior is something I stand totally strong an apposed too. I have purposely left off the manufacture and the client names since legal proceeding are in process.

This type of behavior has been gaining ground lately because of the un-regulated use of these devices. I hate to see when the mental behavior of few can cause such a disruption with a industry. But like the title says, it’s beyond cool….




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17 02 2009
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