Texting While Driving Banned in California

20 01 2009

automotive-fleet.com Effective Jan. 1, texting while driving is banned in the State of California.

Though some see this a blow to the mobile industry, is should be a rally cry.  Hands-Free manufactures must be rejoiceing with “it’s about time”, yet our public officials (Law Enforcement) still wonder, how do we enforce it.

Either way, Telematics will lead the way in Safety Issues facing the Auto Industry.   By replacing the terminology of “tracking” with “safety” we can move forward developing a new era.   But that is getting a little ahead of ourselves.

People’s habit’s have to change and California being the most “Liberal” state in our union at times is not the example I care to follow.   Why?  I have yet to see a “Law” they inspire that doesn’t have a hugh back-lash, reminder when they de-regulated the power Utilities.    

How do they plan on addressing the coming new trend of CAR Vehicle Surveillance Cameras?





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