Penske Truck Expands CyntrX (GPS Vehcile Tracking)

15 01 2009

De Pere WI  – EVA’s (Enhanced Vehicle Application)CyntrX Web-based GPS tracking system will expand it’s relationship with Penske Truck Leasing.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions once an add-on application is slowly becoming a standard. Which is great news for the Telematics industry as a whole.    The new battle ground will be vendors developing long term relationships with vehicle providers.  Locking down a direct channel.

The current hot button being “Real Time” will now change to “Web Based” Application(WBA).  Passive solutions rely on downloading results to a secondary devise or additional equipment.   WBAs employ browser based solutions which to some degree is as simple as paying a monthly “hosting” charge like your web site. 

Some telematic vendors take their coffee an ponder what this means for them and miss the real beauty.

Market awarness.   To date, many businesses that have investigated deploying this solution have come up with many reasons not to.  Granted cost is one factor, however since the owner(s) usually get the newest vehicle, when it comes “preloaded” this solution takes on an “in your face” approach.   

We have seen this type of development in different markets before, with great success.   Having an indirect approach to acceptance will allow users to re-evaluate their position.  And knowing from this point forward it will be a standard, why fight it.   While the selective few focus on these relationships, I’m excited about servicing the millions of vehicles already on the market.     

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John Feeney is a  Bus Dev Mgr for Fleetmatics, web-based GPS Vehicle Tracking solution.




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15 01 2009
Penske Truck Expands CyntrX (GPS Vehcile Tracking) « bluegil’s Pond |

[…] Penske Truck Expands CyntrX (GPS Vehcile Tracking) « bluegil’s Pond […]

15 01 2009
Irv Williamson

Nice work John! I’m enjoying learning how these technology is getting traction in a variety of industries.

15 01 2009
John Feeney

Following the wave of what an industry is doing, tends to have better results than striking out on your own. The Auto industry in general has gained top headlines (bail-out). Consumers are very concerned what the result will be, more to the point, what the manufactures will be doing to turn the situation around.

Developing a more robust command center in vehicles is a start.

15 01 2009
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