Telematics – market awareness is essential

13 01 2009

With the new year (2009) many look forward to starting with a fresh approach to sometimes old ideas. An Marketing is no exception.

This week with the return of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to Las Vegas, a new (to some) area is In-Vehicle Navigation/Telematics/ITS.
It’s a start, GPS Vehicle Tracking, the next step up from directional mapping, has an up-hill battle on it’s hands. As mentioned before, Driver reaction is #1 deterrent business owner’s face when deploying this technology.

Most technology installs follow a path either up the channel or down. Telematics pursuit of consumer exception is the right path. With the support of Auto manufactures, who currently are expanding the command centers in their vehicles, making the solution available beyond the term “option” helps take the sting of “tracking” out of the conversation.

Having engaged this subject matter on social networks, one thing becomes clear, the fundamental attitude of workers taking “advantage” of company vehicles is wide spread. We’re not talking about the occasional side trip for a burger or stopping by the store on the way home. It’s the mapping of manual time sheets vs electronic. Maybe it’s just me and I live on island, but if you’re not working, how do you have the conciseness to “charge” your employer for time you have not earned? Especially, in these times when each of us should step forward and share that burden by showing some appreciation (you have a job) an repay a debt of gratitude. Or did we forget the promises we made the day we got hired?

Telematics is really about performance assessments or production efficiency. Truthfully, the first phase is cutting waste(idling time). The second is changing the dispatcher to a “profit” center. Real Time is the next step. Being able to see where your fleet is NOW, enables the dispatcher to deploy drivers more effectively. An getting one more customer or responding to a client disaster needs is what everyone is in business for. Crucial moments of opportunity happen every day, being in a position to act upon it separates the crowd.

But the Telematics vendors at CES missed the boat again, or maybe it was the media/show organizers. The highlighted product a video screen.




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