What will the New Year bring?

24 12 2008

As we all come to the end of 2008, most of us look forward to what 2009 will bring. Trying to say ahead of my reading some thoughts:

  • With the focus of GPS companies on more/better mapping – is the market prime for a merger or buy-out of a Telematics company?
    {Considering the strength of these services is in Web based solutions, access is not the issue, but rather the tool/hardware used}
  • Surveillance cameras – from a technical point IP deployment is growing.   {Will we see more web sites showing access to public areas? Security was why they were installed; marketing should be why we use them}
  • Blu-Ray – the winner in format war    {Will promotional companies start making this the standard in disc development?}

The sad part to all this, these questions will most likely not be answered or addressed anytime soon. Starting in Jun 08′ we started to see the consolidation of Disc Duplication providers, or more to point, buy outs by commercial printers. This natural progression is in response to the growth of companies addressing a different format (cost) in getting their message out. This has also lead to the growth in online presentations. Streaming video is beyond novelity.

Surveillance has seen a up-swing in deployment do to the recent adoption of local communities using “Red Light” enforcement solutions. When they start seeing the increase in potential revenues that each budget needs, community leaders wave the safety flag higher. One discovery that needs to be passed on, deploying a WiFi solution for surveillance creates a grid the citizens have access to – basically free internet access. Deferring the cost means getting more businesses involved. Picture a downtown section where the entire block is visible. Not just for safety or traffic but show-casing what a community has to offer.

GPS companies will have the most challenges in 2009. It starts with Magellan sell it’s entire self to MiTac (Taiwan). Will other states begin to follow California and Minnesota in setting rules to window mounted units? Will Ford and Mercedes see 2009 model sales increase due to their adoption of GPS in the dashboards? I say yes to both.

With new emerging solutions on Tracking (notebooks or personal items) or as seen recently on TV, this can only help ease driver reaction when companies move forward in attempting to apply “efficiency”. Which only several months ago we thought was too much Dick Tracy or George Orwell.

But where I see tremendous opportunity for “Tracking” is Auto – “buy-here pay-here” or tote note dealers. Why? Sub-prime finance companies are moving forward in combining this solution with High Credit Risk applicants. Those that don’t, prefer working with Dealers that do have this solution in place. Still many dealers refuse to accept that their customer will add to this growing chart. Which for me is hard to believe considering the current housing market is a perfect example. Was it not just 8 months ago, we were programmed to believe this problem was NOT that big. Gosh, what happened….









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