Looking @ GPS Tracking Solutions for 2009?

22 12 2008

Does your schedule provide an opportunity for an online 15-20 minute presentation where we can log you into a “live” client an see for yourself the value of our system.


·        Pre-Set Alerts – instant email notification

·        Vehicle Locator

·        Online Acct Access – 24/7 from any internet connection

·        Min 4 units to start – add-on at your convenience

·        Life time warranty

·        Free replacement and technical support


The debat is on between Mobile interface and vehicle mounted units.  Granted the recent upgrades/development in mobile functions adds considerable advantages to using cell-phones.  However this solution avoids one key element – the vehicle itself. 

There is a big difference between knowing where your people are and knowing what your vehicle is doing.   The vehicle (company asset) should be tied into some form of documentation.   Generating accountability for insurance, 2008 Tax returns and more important electronic time sheets against manual time sheets. 

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One response

9 01 2009
Vehicle Tracking Solution

I totally agree with the post. The person could be at the place where he should be but that does not gaurantee that your vehicle is too at the right place.

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