Consumer Navigation Still Facing Many Challenges to Mass Market Adoption

17 12 2008

{Special thanks too ABI Research}    While much of the debate in the consumer navigation industry seems to focus on new features such as 3D maps, multimedia, connectivity, local search, convergence, and business models, the most important issue confronting navigation vendors is how to grow navigation beyond the current penetration rate of 20% to a virtually ubiquitous experience embraced by all layers of society in North America and Europe.

Mass market adoption will require creative thinking far beyond the current paradigms. First and foremost an uncompromisingly intuitive and simple navigation interface will need to be designed, combined with seamless multi-mode map updates, predictive traffic information, shorter GPS fix times and a wide range of dynamic and relevant content. In order to address the diverse user needs and behavior of all consumer segments, a large choice of form factors and price levels will have to be offered.

So I ask the masses of marketers/advertisers/promotional specialist/inter-active designers – how can you help this technology fulfill its expections?




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