GPS Tracking – Driver’s React

12 12 2008

My recent endeavor into Telematics (GPS Vehicle Tracking) is providing one of the most challenging aspects in terms of understanding how the industry  view’s  the market &  how the market (Users/drivers/employees) see’s the industry.    There is a clear distinction.

Tracking – this word alone needs to be addressed and changed to something less suggestive or non intrusive.    More along the lines of performance enhancement or proficiency generator,  less focused on “monitoring”  but I’ll leave that to the English/Journalism MBA’s .

Wanting a better feel to potential objections I posted this question on some forums:

 Driver/Employee Reaction….

The biggest hurtle owners have with Vehicle Tracking units is driver reaction…

  • don’t you trust us
  • family member
  • long term employee
  • why you watching me

From a managerial point, utilization of the fleet or getting maybe one/two more jobs a week is the real point. Obviously, using a cell is the standard solution.

But I want to hear from u…


I was not disappointed in receiving responses.   First,  sending a text msg to a driver should also include directional mapping to locations.   Second, drivers reacted in the same fashion typical of those we experienced in IT (monitoring email or blocking Social Networks) and HR with Security cameras.   Third, dispatchers need training on the proper use of the system.   Not in functionality, but usage in addressing a company’s objective and goals.

Universally, each addressed better employees.   Along the lines that would eliminate the need altogether.    Some owners weighted in understanding what a ROI should or could achieve.   And positioning yourself to get one or two extra jobs a month can basically change any business.

But the one that really caught my attention, “….I have seen a few companies in our area try it and by year two it was out of their vehicles. Obviuosly it doesn’t work as well as they are sold.”   

Hello, that begs the question of retention or more to the point, what is the vendor/user relationship after the units are installed.    Let’s also consider, this technology has come along way in the last 30 months and where it’s headed is nothing short of NASA.

Most blog’s addressing GPS Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management focus on presenting  “their” solution.    Which rightfully so they should.   But they seem to miss the audience attention because the postings center around the product and not the user.    Today’s tough market conditions provide enough managerial challenges.   Creating another- “ Driver Reaction” just has no room on the plate.




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