Why Save Ford? – it effects me…

26 11 2008

fws_logoTelematics – the science of Vehicle tracking is dependent upon the growth of the auto industry.    Ford themselves will start introducing their Crew Chief solution  making its debut on 2009 F-Series, 2009 E-Series and will be available on Transit Connect in 2010.

Currently the telematics market is basically a 2nd Tier or after-market approach.   Unlike most that fear the prospect of manufactures taking a market share, I welcome it.  

Reflecting upon past experiences in other markets, CD/DVD  reader/burners is a classic mirror.  When first introduced this appliance was an “add-on”.   Once the PC manufactures incorporated the units in their systems everything changed.  Now it’s standard.

On board electronics in vehicles is still in its beginnings.  Moving the appliances from the passenger seat to the dash-board has been the path that truthfully shows no end expect in your imagination.

Vehicle Tracking providers that focus on Web Based solutions [and not proprietary equipment] should be expanding their thinking.   From an IT point of view, licensing the ability to utilize someone’s  current hardware narrows the “risk” in hardware failure issues, these same companies now experience.

A recent survey by Telnav – “..revealed 94 percent of those who operate corporate vehicles are completely unaware of their fleet’s location during work hours…”.    

To address this Work Truck magazine will have a free, interactive live event Dec 10th.  Sponsored by Ford Fleet . 

Saving the manufactures is vital, not just because they build vehicles, but the numerous after markets the industry has created.    


fleematics2 author is a Bus Dev Mgr for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas




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