GPS Tracking software – Record Keeping

18 11 2008




  Alan Dobson of Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C gave a   presentation on Lien Laws for a Western Region breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Fort Smith August 21.  a copy of his presentation. (

 What is note worthy, the slides:

  • Title 49, Part 395 – Hours of Service
  • Title 49, Part 396 – Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Accurate record keeping is mandatory, the true hidden benefit of Tracking Software.   Getting past the initial preception of “tracking” or monitoring the travel habits of employees is the most difficult challenge today’s business owners face.   Which is why we must educate the process of using tools (or technology) to simplify the demands of what the “LAW” states.

Manual handwritten documents is time consuming and prone to error.  Fines have no mercy.  The next time your stuck in the office creating these reports, not servicing clients, not purchasing materials, not quoting new projects or god forbid not hunting/fishing or attending that family function.   Take a look in the mirror and ask the important question – is there a better way…..




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