What is a HVACR Career?

11 11 2008

John Hall Oklahoma Chapter of ACCA.  Recently took a survey of students entering in Ferris State University’s 2 and 4 year HVACR programs. 

I for one will be looking forward to seeing the results of the next generations reasons/hopes/dreams for entering the profession.   Having a career path at a young age is something I did miss out on.   Though I am encourgage to read about a forgot industry/service that is addressing the need to raise capable people.

With advancements in technology extending to the HOME Environment, not to mention the Commerical opportunties that many over look, consumers like myself are always on the look out to find ways that help me determine what a capable service provider is. 

But what did catch my eye was John’s call to other industry veterans to par-take in helping ensure these potential contractors get a dose of “Reality”.    That is something individuals like myself would enjoy seeing though out other “trades”.




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