Vehicle Tracking – Service Response

28 10 2008

Vehicle Tracking Systems are gaining tremendous acceptance among Service orientented organizations.  The reasons are simple:

  • REAL Time Report
  • Pre Set Alerts
  • Route Information
  • unAuthorized Zone Alerts
  • Automated Vehicle Locator
  • 24/7 Online Account Access

Fleetmatics  is one provider with a true web based solution.   Unlike most, their focus is the SMB market of Service organizations.  In todays competitive market, having a tool that can instantly turn a dispatcher into a profit center is something any business owner cannot over look.

Initial draw back for most is not the cost but concieved idea of “Big Brother”.   “We know where are trucks are and we trust our drivers….”   Funny how once you get owners out of the spot light and behind closed doors they do admit this statement is false.   Again we come across a solution that challenges how we accept new tools.    

A unique way in presenting this servcie Fleetmatics, gives “Live” Webex presentation to its prospects of how the system works.   Take a moment and set-up your FREE demostration today.




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