Flash Card or CDs – mobile is key

22 09 2008

SanDisk “micro-card” music

competes with CDs……

Like we didn’t see this coming….

Never understood why SanDisk waited so long.  Flash-cards with pre-loaded info has been a marketing tool most have come to understand.  Considering the growth and expansion of mobile devises over the pre-dated “Notebook” is was only a matter of time before this would take hold.

About a year ago we here experimented with some OEM pre-loaded cards.  A novel marketing idea at the time that served it purpose over the 07′ holiday season but never took hold.  Flash-card has one big advantage over a CD, it is re-useable. 

Does this really spell the end of CDs, doubt it.  Heck it took over 6 years to kill the floppy and that still makes an appearance no and then.

Marketing people need a new approach.  And the fastest way to get connected with any audience these days is through their phone.   Drop us aline would like hear your commentary on this…




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