Equinox – more than just astronomy

17 09 2008

Sept 21, 15:44 is this falls Equinox.  This event is celebrated by many cultures and religions around the world.   My for me, it’s an opportunity to offer my sincere heartfelt appreciation too my deceased relatives and family. 

Called Higan-e Ceremony Nichiren Shoshu Temples conduct this ceremony twice a year.    The merit in participating in this ceremony is two fold: 

·         Enables the deceased person to be relieved of their sufferings

·         The person requesting the Toba tablet is also endowed with the full merit of the True Law

Because the deceased must rely on the efforts of those still alive, this is a tremendous opportunity for me to pay back the amount of gratitude they have planted in my life.   Seldom do we have a chance in this lifetime to help our deceased relatives achieve greater happiness in the next.




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