Where are your Camera’s….

18 08 2008

Talk about turning around a conversation too actually doing something.    Those of you in Illinois have already seen the increased presents of Surveillance Camera @ intersections.    If you have not then by all means visit photoenforced.com and see what listings are in your area.    Ahead of the eight ball?  Participate and add a new listing.   Let’s help build a grid of all these units.    Like all government programs we’re bound to find the locations of some pretty interesting.   Is it intended for Speeders, Turn violators and prehaps high accident intersections.




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27 08 2008
Bill Kreger

We are starting to get these conTRAPtions here in Austin, TX now as well. I, for one am glad to start seeing this kind of technology being put to good use. I think it will deture (pardone the traffic pun) the “Red Light Running” by quite a bit. I know that there will be the squawkers that say that Uncle San is getting to much into our lives but when you look at who is doing the most traffic violations, it’s the ones that are complaining. Good Bloggin.

27 08 2008
John Feeney

Leave it to Chicago / surround suburbs / Dupage County to uncover the real issue that changes all directions…..REVENUE.

Bolingbrook – shut theirs down, residents complained, council saw the Revenue, need to rethink position.

Naperville – vendor couldn’t get the system up and running to collect the Revenue fired the contractor. Residents want to move the system to more high potential intersections.

DuPage County – identified 45 potential intersections to install system, Carol Stream wants to know is there a revenue sharing program when a county run road comes through a village.

Hanover Park – wants to install a unit “within” a homeowners association and split the cost. Use the camera for more than intersection control.

That’s today, July 2009 – if Chicago is granted the 2016 Olympics, the money that will be flying around here….and yes anyone outside of Chicago, your conception of how the city is run is correct, it does start with Mayor Daley. But the Chicago Park District along with Cook County and DuPage County Forest Preserves will have some pretty big budgets. Which means at that point, everything is for sale, for right price.

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