CCTV is China Central Television

13 08 2008

Seems China does more than just Olympics and International trade on a large scale, their about to dominate a Keyword, Tag and Category that would make any SEO, Web Designer, Blogger roll-over in pure jealousy. is China Central Television. As mentioned in a previous post, China is streaming CCTV on iPhones. Dan Butterfield, {you see his blog rising on WordPress} was quick to point out I made a mistake, thinking CCTV {closed circuit television} was the source of the stream. Leaving it alone on purpose, I knew something was in play.

As of today, pick any search engine and you’ll find {CCTV} them a top, surrounded by everything related to Surveillance. Technorati – CCTV search, Olympic articles appear mentioning they watched China TV. So is the confusion a well placed configuration that Surveillance CCTV is China TV?

The Surveillance Security market as whole does owe China a debt of gratitude. If not for their massive undertaking aligned with the Olympics, there would only be manufacture tech releases to possibly dangle in front of prospects. Short of Orwellian theorist spreading fear of a world viewing the end of humanity as we know it, Surveillance is slowly coming out from behind the green curtain showing some true promise of what this technology has to offer. An let’s be honest, I said it before, no better place to deploy this than China. Think about it…..

On a more brighter side, if you have not visited CCTV.Com you should. Our Western Media Moguls have taught them well. English, Spanish and French versions are available. In the spirit of showing some openness the Anchors are bloggers. Which will in time be interesting to interact with once their English sites are running.

My favorite, enter “Surveillance Cameras” in the search bar on top of the site: Full Text of Human Rights Record of United States in 2007 appears. For people like Willam Assmus and other fans of you got to love this effort at Chinese humor… YOU TALKING TO ME!




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