Donate – to a lawyer?

11 08 2008

Since early 2005 monetizing your blog has come a long way. Treating the space around the content as the primary vehicle. After three years we have seen many concepts come an go. With the exception of ad words, affiliates and my personal favorite – DONATE button.

When first introduced the concept never really took hold. Obviously for Non-Profits or Social / Community based services who’s life-line is all about supporters, I have no objection. In recent months that idea has come back around in areas that I do object to.

We’re not addressing the millions of overnight bloggers that believe their life’s story or independent view on political or social issues is the only truth. In most cases, they need the money, cause having a real job is either too painful or not possible for reasons often explained in reading their blogs.

I’m addressing the “Professionals” – lawyers, doctors, self-proclaimed theorist or the classic SEO expert. A blogs true intent, a simple platform for one to create a Web based entry an simply sound off if you wish on any particular issue or thought. That concept exposed the reality of blogs getting better placement in search engines than long standing sites with $$$$ of SEO and flash presentations.

A new bread of journalism was born. Which in itself is a whole new conversation – blogger vs columnist.

Marketers, including myself, saw the potential in promoting products or services that can quickly gain the attention of prospects without breaking the budget. Bloggers began aligning themselves with affiliates that compliment their content, if not their own. We learned how adding this page too our current site not only increases traffic it pushes our site further to the front of any engine which was the main goal in the first place. Then greed entered into the equation.

This once fun creative tool has now taken on the persona if your not being payed why blog. Keep in mind, I’m not by any means saying you shouldn’t take advantage of forging a new career, but adding a Donation button to fund your extra curricular activity is pushing the boundaries.

Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites brings this process full circle. A noted Legal blogger amongst his peers, Mr Ambrogi has pioneered blogging within the Legal field. His accomplishments are well acknowledged. His affiliations within the legal community is second to none. His well published views and opinions that effect the legal market as a whole has also laid birth to many new attorneys exploring the possibilities of blogging. Getting “published” is an unwritten goal many attorneys aspire too. Within the legal industry it becomes a secondary means of being recognized, Winning high-profile cases will always be #1. But what does it say about this accomplished attorney when we scroll down and see: Support this Blog – Donate.

Is this not the ultimate. We have come to accept, kick’en an scream’en, when we engage our legal source a Bill will accompany the opinion. But donating? I’m dizzy just thinking about it. [Truth be told I’m really jealous, just don’t have the credentials to step out into that arena.] Are the affiliates not generating passive income? Are the awards not leading to potential high-profile cases? In either case, I still visit Mr Ambrogi’s site and maintain a feed. It is one of only a few that does allow for us non-legal people to stay in tune with what is going on in the legal industry from a business point.

What is really killing me – I got to know who, if anyone, Donated money to a lawyer. There has got to be a World Class “something” award for that……




5 responses

25 08 2008

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25 08 2008
John Feeney

Wish I could read your comment….

26 08 2008

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26 08 2008
John Feeney


Same for you, cannot read your comment.

But it is clear, your both hoping people will click through to your sites.
I’ll open it up so others can get a feel for what your attempting to do.

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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