Social Networks – a Business tool?

7 08 2008

There are numerous bloggers singing the praise of social networks and what this tool, when used correctly can accomplish. Though most rarely get down to the actual heart of the system, I decided to put together some proof.

Our journey starts @ for obvious reasons. The home page allows me to quickly review posts that have been conveniently categorized. (I’m more a tag surfer) Jumping back an forth you’ll notice the listings begin to change, to me a neat idea, fresh active posts. Like fishing, I see one surface…..

Kent Anderson – The Rise of LinkedIn. The Society for Scholarly Publishing established the Scholarly Kitchen blog.

Immediately I put on a collared shirt. Knowing by experience the activity level increases when comments are posted, plus the opportunity to say hello amongst a crowd that rightfully so would question my ability to park their BMW , we added some love.

Having done such we continued the action plan by signing in @ LinkedIn. My mission as of late is figuring out how to implement “socializing in general” with a purpose. Not one to send out blind invitations (even if by introductions) , i focused on groups. Considering my field we had choices. One in particular Video Surveillance.

As most can attest too (for you Mazy) my literary skills will never get a Pulitzer’s, but I do enjoy posting comments on blogs, so blog hunting took over.

John Honovich, President at IP Video Market Info appeared. What a joy to come across a fellow colleague that can add pen to my same thoughts, but in legible English. (something to do with Dartmouth, I guess)

Video Surveillance Review: Introduction to City Wide Video Surveillance : Mr Honovich nicely laid-out the fundamental obstacles, paths and hurtles small municipalities face when deploying a surveillance solution. One worth passing along to others like:

Report Kelly Mahoney – Cary blog (Shaw Suburban Media Blogs)

Bill Kreger – Protection One (he stepped out and aggressively posted on LinkedIn asking for leads)

Ryan Temple –

amongst others… magic hit. This afternoon I’ll be sitting down with a prospect no more than 6 miles from my location, a distribution company looking to install 16+ cameras. (not to mention they also have 4 other locations within a 150 mile radius of Chicago) .

This is the power of LinkedIn a Social Network business tool…




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