Drew Peterson – neighbor’s caught in circus

24 07 2008

By JOE HOSEY The Herald News reports another round of crazyness surrounding this story. Neighbor was trying to make money for his “celebrity” status. We’ve been following this story for some time now of obvious reasons. Citizens taking responsibility in helping Law Enforcement bring some conclusion to this yet solved incident.

The couple was under siege, and all because they went public about wearing a wire to set up their former friend, ex-cop Drew Peterson, whose fourth wife has been missing since October and whose third wife was the victim of a March 2004 homicide that remains unsolved.

Stark and Wawczak claim they wore a wire around Peterson for nearly seven months, ending their undercover operation in mid-June. Friends of Peterson for about 16 years, the couple said he mocked investigators as “idiots”; called third wife Kathleen Savio a slur and said he should have had her cremated; and predicted he’d be tried and acquitted long before fourth wife Stacy’s remains were found.

As previously posted, neighbor’s on either side have attracted unwarrented attention for getting involved. What silly non-sense message is being sent.





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