You see me, I see you

22 07 2008

Digital Stalker: NEC display knows your sex, age and shopping habits – big thanks to for posting this…..and for showing me the link

Must be on the right track, knew it would start with advertising.

Of course the comparison between Britain’s CCTV and a Orwellian nightmare make nice headlines. But some of us look to the more positive side, expanding the interactive possibilities. Already are aware of the traffic surveillance major stores already have in place, Merchandisers fight for that “prime” real estate.

Having an image identify and point you in the direction of your next potential purchase does open the mind to endless possibilities. First – the display unit has no size limitation big or small. Second – additional revenue can be generated, advertisement fee. Third – taking to the street an pulling them in, say Window shoppers.

How about a car dealership. Some of these lots are endless in sight with thousands of choices. Personally I would rather talk with an image than a Salesperson. Tell me that doesn’t sound scary……




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