$25 a month – DVR remote access

18 07 2008

That’s right – in most cases your provider will charge you an additional $25 for a static IP address.

Following up on a previous post: PC Based vs Stand Alone

DVR units do have the ability to grant remote access. Something at the time of your purchase you most likely did not even consider. With the ever changing needs we view Surveillance like any other technology – why not just add a utility or appliance to my current set.

Simple enough until you take the road of getting a Static IP Address to accomplish your task. $25 a month additional means $300 a year. Sorry, I am somewhat of a miser when spending money and having an extra $300 is not part of the plan. This is what has given birth to PC Based Solutions, your already paying for an IP Address with your provider why have (2) addresses just to get access.




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