Police State 2.0 – China’s Surveillance Lab

16 07 2008

China’s All-Seeing Eye – installing over 250,000 CCTV units by 2010

This article was overlooked by many until yesterday when Naomi actually re-printed a post on blogger.com. Her insight into the current status of this experiment addresses many issues, but instead of feeding the others so bent on the negative side of things lets present the other side.

“Shenzhen. The result was a city of pure commerce, undiluted by history or rooted culture — the crack cocaine of capitalism.”

Where else on the planet can the exploitation of surveillance thrive? Or in this case a “LIVE LAB” be found. The opportunity for manufactures to freely develop and prefect the technology cannot be found anywhere else.

This is Capitalism – taking advantage of situations especially when the government is whole-heartedly behind the effort, Right or Wrong. No-one agrees with the policies or Human-Rights issues when MONEY is involved. Regardless of the statue the come back is simple: are they living a better life 30 years later? Seems so….

The problem I have, this “Golden Shield” theory will encompass the free world and isolate the people. (we must be blind goats) Why not just join the growing number of individuals around the world that believe in the New World Order an live in fear the rest of your life – what a waste of time.

“The local people want to make money from migrant workers, but they don’t want to give them rights. But why are the local people so rich? Because of the migrant workers!”

Welcome to Immigration Rights – the bloodiest political issue facing American’s today. China doesn’t even have characters in their language that address this, the seed of democracy has been planted.

Chinese viewers also saw a world unsympathetic to the Chinese victims of Tibetan violence.

The power to edit video content, what a concept. The big break through – using the internet to “broadcast” the captured images. In a twist giving Police a major tool, is that not what it was intended for?

Pixel Solutions, was focused on consumers — taking class photos at schools, turning photos of chubby two-year-olds into fridge magnets and lampshades.

Here in the West we call it KODAK. Listen carefully the hallways are of full ideas toward a national ID card – remember the Health Care Plan (Hilary).

The main project of installing over 250,000 cameras is something the world needs to take note of. With government backing this county can create a needed new industry that can put people back to work. We did it with Aerospace why not duplicate the same concept. Villages and cities across this great nation are embracing surveillance and each are beginning the learning curve as to the responsibility they accept when deploying. True leadership will be demanded. I for one still have faith in the people too correctly administer this technology. That is the issue, the power of money does create greed an all the evils associated with it.


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2 responses

10 11 2008

You write very well.

11 12 2008
John Feeney

It is a real challenge for me. My mouth moves faster than my fingers.

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