Remote Access to your Surveillance System

14 07 2008

Remote access to security systems is a tool many thought was beyond their means.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   We have Online demo’s

There two key considerations when applying this technology:

1)  Stand alone DVR systems require a “Static IP Address”.   This is an additional cost many overlook.  Service providers will charge you, anywhere from $5 to $15 a month on your service.

2)  PC Based solutions – use the current access IP you already have and pay for.

PC Based Solutions involve the installing a DVR Card.   The PC itself needs to be an INTEL based processor.  Sorry AMD users, INTEL pretty much has the better chip set which the manufactures rely on.  Second, the hard drive for storage.  Western Digital IS NOT RECOMMENDED. We have encountered way to many problems with WD.

PC Based Solution also allows you connection with your cell phone.  Again there are some restrictions, iPhone for one and Blackberry will not accept the feed.   This should not shock most considering these two are going out of their way to control the platform.   The key point here is Windows Mobile 5 or 6.

Another overlook process – do you have to replace current camera’s?  In most cases, NO.  CCTV analog units have basically stayed the same, with the exception of upgrades.

The systems are not as complicated as your lead to believe.   The hard part, which does take some time, is understanding the software, i.e. sensitivity, when to record, setting alarms, etc…    An additional service we do provide is remote access to your unit and help you set-up and maintain your system.

Mondays are always fun around here.   Clients calling in needing help to process captured video from the weekend activities.   Does your provider do this?




2 responses

15 07 2008

Thanks for the post John. I think remote access is a great cost-effective application for homeowners. In order to maximize one’s video surveillance it’s important to choose a company that delivers 24/7 emergency service. It doesn’t matter how little a system cost, if it doesn’t work when you need it, it costs too much.

15 07 2008
John Feeney

24/7 emergency service generally is an add-on with most providers or in some cases a standard monthly fee. Granted there may come a time when this service is vital. However you need to read the “response” time in fine print of these agreements.

Cost-effective solutions allow clients to control the total investment. Some companies do not allow this option.

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