FISA – Congress Pass It!

9 07 2008

In recent days, many bloggers are jumping on the FISA issue facing our congress. Unpresidented control in Surveillance activity due in part to the “terrorist”, home security issues. I rarely want to engage in political finger pointing or the Liberal approach to our “freedoms” being jepordized. But lets come to terms on some issues – you cannot have it both ways.

Major cities like Chicago and Washington, along with recent entry Toronto have taken the bold step in moving forward through these muddy waters of public opinion. Does this public out-cry really reflect the people or just a small section of those that love to be heard.

Personally, we have brought this upon ourselves. Whether you want to come to terms with it or not, the reality is we as citizens need this. Without getting into the long winded debate: Surveillance does not deter crime {your an idiot if that is your position} getting caught and prosecuted needs to be the end result.

You’ll notice in the side bar my collection of videos. I will continue to update those clips. Especially when I come across those from authorities looking for help too identify the goof-balls of society that pray on innocent people. {the woman shop lifting, please}

Sad as it may seem, this technology is needed and should be deployed whenever or where ever possible. The real issue is the people deploying the technology. Yes, I agree there are situations out there where public officials have over stepped their bounds, whether governmental or Law Enforcement agencies. Yes, we should hold them to higher standard. But don’t expect this overnight, they themselves are just getting acculamated to using this. And truth be told in some cases, which we rarely hear about, their sense in “over stepping” has prevented incidents from getting full scale or out of hand.

Taking it to the next level, Hanover Park, IL Police Department will be hosting public meetings with homeowner associations in developing a pilot program about using surveillance cameras. I personally want to congratulate the village on taking this approach. There has to be a working relation between the two parties with full disclosure if we want to shore up our neighborhoods.

What I envision is resident’s and business owners expanding their remote access ability to Law Enforcement and Fire Departments. We as citizens must take responsibility and support their efforts. They are on the front line, we must bring back community involvement. And those of you that continually sit in your basement in front of your computer terminal and blast out negative non-sense about lost of freedom are the same ones that never understood freedom has a cost. To those cyber junkies I say: get a job, pay your taxes and wake-up. When the $#%^ hits the fan, your the first ones that raise stink. Yet, you never did anything to help the situation.

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2 responses

10 07 2008

You have a strong opinion and raise many valid points. I do think that the right to privacy folks are right on many issues here as well. Ultimately, I think we all can agree that we want our neighbors and friends to be safe, but we also want to make sure that we’re not giving away our freedoms without examining issues from every possible angle. Keep up the insightful blogs, which keep readers like me thinking.

11 07 2008
John Feeney

If the folks given this responsibility(Surveillance) don’t raise their character above the current level an win back the trust of the people, we as a nation cannot move forward.

Because of man’s past history when given “too much” power, the evil’s of greed show themselves pretty fast. Which is what the privacy folks want to remind us of.

This pattern has to change, of course relying on a “corporation” too lead the way is asking a lot I agree. Caught in middle, I just want move forward an explore the other uses this technology offers.

An considering how silly greed can twist your thinking, they (corps) can be so busy enhancing this technology they actually create a ease of use for us too monitor them.

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