Healthcare – No one sees

3 07 2008

Surveillance shows a woman dying on the floor of a emergency room while people nearby ignore her. Think about this, the camera caught it yet no-one was watching the camera?

A growing concern amongst Americans or people in general, is the reality of taking care of the elder. Thousands of individuals have taken the inherent responsibility of caring for family members. Unfortunately, being available 24/7 in these times is not likely.

The “Growth” of the Nanny Cam {new parents just love} should spark the mind to expand. Countless times during the winter or any bad weather public service msgs will be flashing too take a moment an call a neighbor or someone alone. Having Camera’s brings this effort to a new level.

Currently I have a set-up of 4 camera’s {Bedroom,Bath,Kitchen,Front room} the main purpose is training my grandchildren to look in on their grandmother. Since they can’t call or write, being on-line offered me the opportunity to break through this. {Nice to be young and not concerned about being old} In our case, it has been a blessing. They see their grandmother more active now than before. Being on the West Coast, they can see what is going on in Chicago. In fact, they have learned it does not matter where you are, the beach. Think of Grandma, plug-in. The point – make them think the same way about their own parents……

$99.95  - Motion Detector Camera

$99.95 - Motion Detector Camera




One response

7 07 2008

This is an interesting application for security cameras. Video surveillance allows people to remotely check on a home or the people inside a home while they are away. It does contribute to peace of mind, however, it’s important to have the system monitored by experts in alarm verification in order to eliminate false alarms. When choosing a security camera or home security system, look for one that guarantees their services. The cheapest system costs too much if it doesn’t work when you need it.

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