Surveillance cameras have ears….

25 06 2008

Scientists in the UK are working on CCTV cameras with AI that can use noises to home in on law breakers. Jonathan M. Gitlin @ blogs about an advancement most of us knew was coming sooner or later.

Currently sound is not part of the camera’s ability. Atleast in the sense of picking up “words”. What does get overlooked in the post, is the alarming sense officials have been making inappropriate use of the technology. Since we’re addressing language – does the term “profiling” come into play. Would that not be a programmers nightmare along side a lawyer’s golden egg?

It becomes an up hill battle when ever the subject of “Surveillance” suffaces, “..and I’m just paranoid enough…” ends up the tag line. The concept of targeting sound is not new. ShotSpotterGunshot Detection is such a product. {Notice how when bullets start flying Liberals can’t be found}

My point is simple. Stop attacking the technology as the evil war-lord of the new empire. If people’s attitude’s were not so engulfed in hatred or if everyone woke up to the common thread of “ALL” religions (everyone else is on the evil path) we may have the opportunity too focus on what this technology can do, save lives. And stop with this non-sense Surveillance Cameras don’t deter crime. I’m tired of listening to those that offer no solution(s).

I have an alternative answer – but Camera’s now have ears….

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25 06 2008
Surveillance cameras have ears….

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26 06 2008

Coming from a security company that offers audio detection technology, the concept of combining audio with cctv is very exciting. I understand the power audio has in detecting 360 degrees rather than just what the camera is pointed at. Also, this multiplies the verification ability of a system with alarm activations.

26 06 2008
John Feeney

Thank you for pointing out the true power of audio. We’re currently experimenting with audio range an ability to broadcast to the other units online. Web Conferencing.

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