Drew Peterson’s neighbor has camera’s…..

24 06 2008

That’s right Drew Peterson, ex-police office that gained national headlines over his missing wife, is complaining his neighbor has Surveillance Camera’s. Of course his first claim is the State Police had them installed and his lawyer is ready to take action.

I respect the lawyer for defending his client. But I have alot more for Sharon Bychowski, she took action.

Truth be told a real message should be sent by having all the surrounding neighbors install Surveillance Camera’s. Citizens need to take responsibility, if not for their own safety, that of others.

Personally, I would take a step further and grant remote access to “ANY” Law Enforcement agency. We as a people need to invoke our rights of protection. Let’s avoid the 2nd amendment issue, but replace some wording here, CAMERA’S.

The whole circus effect around this has left LE with little options. Citizens need to step-up too the challenge of community involvement and bring new meaning to the term – Neighborhood Watch Group.


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24 06 2008
Drew Peterson’s neighbor has camera’s…..

[…] Go to the author’s original blog: Drew Peterson’s neighbor has camera’s….. […]

24 07 2008
Drew Peterson - neighbor’s caught in circus « bluegil’s Pond

[…] As previously posted, neighbor’s on either side have attracted unwarrented attention for getting involved. What silly non-sense message is being sent. […]

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